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    When Stripe asks for company infos

    Yes, i would suggest to get an LTD form the uk just in case. I would like to ask you if you have any idea how to be PCI compliant with stripe? i just created an account with them, they told me they'll ask form PCI compliance documents after 20 transactions
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    Which niche to make money if money for investment is available?

    hi i'm also getting started on iptv, was doing consistent sales before using google ads now i'm struggling to get traffic/leads, can you help me?
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    Payment Gateway for my IPTV Website

    I have a wordpress website, are you recommending to use a funnel instead is that what you're saying? and yes it's safe to connect paypal with sendowl even if it's a high risk business, just make sure to have little to no refunds by staing in touch with your customers.
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    Payment Gateway for my IPTV Website

    Sure brother you can dm me
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    Payment Gateway for my IPTV Website

    yes, i would recommend using sendowl it'll get w percantage from the sale but it's safer for your paypal account, i am using google ads too but it's not performing very well, i am targetting the UK and getting over 150 clicks per day ( 30 usd daily budget ) but it's little to no conversions (...
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    Payment Gateway for my IPTV Website

    i'm actually using paypal, but i would recommend using sendowl it's great, i would like to ask you about your iptv business how are you getting traffic to your website? that's the part i'm struggling with.
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