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  1. p2y

    Need Cheap Traffic with Fake Referral + dmr.
  2. p2y

    POF, What the Flying F*ck!
  3. p2y

    Facebook Advertising Accounts For Sale! Get Tons of Traffic

    Please let me know when you are open for new orders,seems like there is an error on your website.
  4. p2y

    ROI is 30% to 50% is it good enough?

    If you are pushing cpa,request weekly or bi-weekly payments.
  5. p2y

    HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE YOU LOST SINCE Adscend Media Problems?

    You know the difference between incentivized offers and the otherS ?
  6. p2y

    P e e r f l y What A Waste!

    First of all,i'm pretty sure that it's not shaving,it's scrubbing by the advertisers side.It is the email submit offers nature,they will start scrubbing when they start losing money,it is not fair to write there that they are paying only for an email submit and make you pay ppc costs then scrub...
  7. p2y

    Help. Is it a good idea to disguise yourself to the AM?

    Actually you just wrote the whole conversation,if your am is not stupid he/she will understand your username.
  8. p2y

    Got denied by Peerfly, what can i do?

    Actually i got paid from peerfly on time,and i won't call it shaving but scrubbing.Scrubbing on peerfly one of the least,i'm talking about first page submit offers tho.Anyway,its just my experience i also use neverblueads and copeac while split testing and peerfly's first page submit offers...
  9. p2y

    cheapest places to live in the world. $500 a month

    Check Alanya,Antalya,Bodrum and Izmir out in Turkey.Great places.
  10. p2y

    My Dilemma...

    Bring a bottle of raki and we'll talk it while drinking.
  11. p2y

    Zip/Phone Offer example
  12. p2y

    Is Craigslist CPA marketing blackhat??

    Think about it,one of your leads called the acai berry site about the job offered and requested the further details :)
  13. p2y

    My Adwords/Clickbank Journal - GTF in here!

    There is a free hosted solution, .
  14. p2y

    the best websites to buy ads spaces?
  15. p2y

    Referrer Question...(Not Asking How To Blank The Referrer ;)

    Use prosper202 with cloaking.
  16. p2y

    My ex locked me out of paypal!

    best advice
  17. p2y

    facebook ppc traffic on an adsense website?!ban?

    Why don't you create a weight loss site with adsense ads and purchase <$0.01 clicks from etology adbrite vs ? Arbitrage is not allowed as far as i know.
  18. p2y

    AdultDateLink Shaving Massively?...

    They may put you on revenue share program soon since your free to paid signup ratios will be very low.I'm not sure about adl though but aff does it.
  19. p2y

    Whitehat / COPEAC / Problem

    contact with mkrongel , .I'm pretty sure that you'll resolve the issue easily if you are telling truth,don't worry.
  20. p2y

    Can I Get a New Adwords Account?

    If you use a new computer it would even better,sure you can get a new adwords account.
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