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  1. edc

    Journey to a Full Time Income Blogging ($3500 per Month)

    How are you using Ezoic? Don't you have to have 10K sessions per month? Or maybe you are already at that point.
  2. edc

    Syndicating other content on my web site...

    So I see a lot about putting my content on other websites (Medium, etc), but what if I have a new site and want to syndicate other peoples content on my site. I haven[t been able to find anything about this, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? I get that other people's content isn't...
  3. edc

    Sell A Few Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites

    Please PM me if they are still available. Thanks!
  4. edc

    Craigslist Conquest - New CL Posting Tactics and Strategies

    Ha - Just got an email notification about this thread. I'm still around (barely) - I do some CL marketing but am mostly involved in other things. My Craigslist Conquest information is 5 years old, I don't even know if I have it on my drive anymore. I definitely don't have the domain. What...
  5. edc

    A question about the viability of the 'offline' business model

    @Paul - thanks. I'll add to this thread when I get some traction (or not). -e-
  6. edc

    A question about the viability of the 'offline' business model

    @Alinea - That's just a rough estimate. I would be doing mobile apps, hosting, making sites mobile-friendly, putting together specials/deals for their customers via sms/twitter/FB, etc. My goal was to have a menu of items, and find out what they would like to do to drive customers and/or...
  7. edc

    A question about the viability of the 'offline' business model

    I've decided that there is an opportunity to help local businesses better engage customers and potential customers via technology, and have put together an offering and have some warm leads - mainly local businesspeople that I have relationships with. I'm starting to do the math, and am...
  8. edc

    Hook a BHW OG up...

    Thanks to all who took the time to check out the video. -e-
  9. edc

    Hook a BHW OG up...

    Thanks a lot; he's a good kid. Handles his business, doesn't get into trouble, good to his fellow person. I'm very fortunate. -e-
  10. edc

    Hook a BHW OG up...

    Fixed; thanks!
  11. edc

    Hook a BHW OG up...

    Can you guys put some views on this video? It's for my son - loves cars, wouldn't mind getting a crack and being a race car driver. Long shot, but the views don't hurt. Thanks! -e- Video BTW - Don't hesitate to reach out if I can be a resource.
  12. edc

    A question for Twitter blackhatters...

    Why am I getting chicks with naked profile pictures to 'follow' me? Are they just hoping that I follow them, and click on the links in their tweets? Blocking all of these a-hole is getting fucking annoying. Thanks for any insight! -e-
  13. edc

    [CPA] Pays $100 - $300 per sign up ?! WHAT?

    Clickcash has been around for a long time. I am an affiliate, although I don't really promote them. I think that they are pretty legit. -e-
  14. edc

    can we unblock the word n-i-n-j-a plz?

    Why is this word blocked? Seems harmless enough...
  15. edc

    Hugely surprised to find in my mailbox... envelope from the 'International House of N i n j a s'. Of course, I opened it to find a 'not a sales letter' from Frank Kern. Great way to get me to look at it, though. Good thing, too, as there was a dollar bill inside! -e-
  16. edc

    BHW: Please vote for daughter in this competition ;)

    I voted, but my spider sense tell me that I just signed up inadvertently for a bunch of CPA offers! Just kidding! :p Good luck and let us know how she does! -e-
  17. edc

    I'm not the most knowledgable SEO guy...

    But how does MLB (Major League Baseball) completely drop out of the rankings? I used to type in '[team] score' and MLB would be the first thing up, with the score of the days game (completed or in progress). Not any more... -e-
  18. edc

    What car do you drive?

  19. edc

    How Can I Monetize This?

    This internet marketing gig is a tough slog. Can you go back in time and make me president? Signed, Barry Obama
  20. edc

    Looking for proxies by location

    Hello all, I'm kind of a proxy newb and am looking for how I can find proxies by location (I want to get around the CL location problem). If they are cost effective I'm not concerned about whether or not they are free; I just want to have control over my posting. Thanks for any insights...
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