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  1. arnie123

    Where to point backlinks to optimize authority gains? To homepage, pillar or posts?

    Hi, I'm about to buy some backlinks to a digital newspapers with high DA, DR and traffic. I'm not sure what's better: point the link to my home or to a single posts? What would be the difference in the authority transfer and spread? I mean, depending on where I point, can I get more or less DA...
  2. arnie123

    Do PBN services offered in this forum still work in 2021?

    Is it worthy nowadays to buy something like 10-15 blog posts on a PBN for less than 200 bucks like many of the services offer in this forum? What impact should I expect if I point those links to a blog website with DA 9? What are the odds to get caught and penalized by penguin? Website...
  3. arnie123

    What is the most powerful engagement signal on instagram?

    Likes/Views/Comments/Saves/Shares - Do they all have the same power value in terms of giving virality to the post? If not, what is the power value of each one?
  4. arnie123

    Do the username and the logo really matters in terms of follow conversion rates?

    Thanks for your advise, I'll think in something else then. The problem is that I never ranked for any hashtag or in the explore in that account, so I just have the reels which at least shows my content to new viewers, and the follow/unfollow. Hmm...From that point of view makes much sense. I...
  5. arnie123

    Do the username and the logo really matters in terms of follow conversion rates?

    I have 4 instagram accounts. I use the follow/unfollow method to get new followers. In 3 of my accounts the conversion ratio is pretty high, I'm happy with it, but the other one account performs so different, it barely gets 10% follow back. Surprisingly for me is the oldest an biggest account...
  6. arnie123

    Instagram limit

    Yes I am. Good to know that. Thanks
  7. arnie123

    Instagram limit

    Can someone explain me that: I have 4 different accounts in the same phone device. I use to follow between 30-40 accounts straight away x4 or x5 times every day. Every time I get connected I do that with the 4 accounts one after the other. Never had any problem. Some days ago I wanted to stop...
  8. arnie123

    How to get through your own ads without being detected by google?

    I would like to get 100 conversions actions in my google ads account. I need to get them within 7 days period. The obvious and traditional way would be setting a big budget and just let Google show my ad to lots of people and a small percentage will converts. Unfortunately I don't have that...
  9. arnie123

    ¿Are there people making money with Quora in November 2020?

    I read that until last year Quora was offering a partner program where you could join and make some money bringing some traffic to the plattform engaging, whether asking or answering. I checked that partnership option is not available anymore. So I wonder if there still people using Quora to...
  10. arnie123

    [FREE] +10 High Quality D0follow Backlinks from Edu

    It's not working. The sign up process cannot be completed cause they don't send the confirmation email.
  11. arnie123

    Onpage Seo help

    no worries to much for the keywords. Last year Google improved their AI and now they can understand the context, so even if you don't include the keyword but you write about the topic of that keyword you can rank for that keyword. So don't trust in the SEO plugins, when it comes about write just...
  12. arnie123

    Any Suggestion For RANK UP position #5 - #6 to position #1 / #2

    First of all go Moz and check your DA and your competitors DA. It doesn't care the amount of backlinks. If they have a way higher DA Google will trust them more than you. Don't expect to rack first positions with an 11 month old domain with low DA unless you've got a niche site and you want to...
  13. arnie123

    Does traffic from SMM panels help to rank a page on Google?

    hmm... I think is the first one you say. Then seems like wouldn't help. hmm... I think is the first one you say. Then seems like wouldn't help. Thanks for your answer
  14. arnie123

    Does traffic from SMM panels help to rank a page on Google?

    I have seen some SMM panels offering traffic from Google Search [country targeted] with custom keyword. The price is very affordable, 0.5 bucks per 1K visits. I'm wondering if does make some difference. Does it works to rank up? Can it hurt the domain in some way? I would like to hear the...
  15. arnie123 - Youtube Provider- Youtube Views | HR | Targeted | Adwords | More Services| API

    I wanted to add funds and try to make some order but there is only one way to pay via perfect money and I'm not using that method so I could't try it. Would be nice if the owner of the service add some other alternative payment methods like paypal at least.
  16. arnie123


    So how you did it to get out?
  17. arnie123


    Hi, @unknownsmmers in my case when I check my post is in recent hashtags but never appears in the top tab even in small competence hashtags. So I always reach like 10-20 people from hashtags as much. After reading you I think I was shadowbanned when I grown my account to 10K using automated...
  18. arnie123


    Is this service only working on english videos? I suppose the sites where you share the links are built around an english speaking audience, isn't it? This could end basically in a very short-time viewers which is understood as a low quality video by youtube, am I right?
  19. arnie123

    Hashtags don´t rank

    Nope, that's the problem I complain about PM sent
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