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  1. No1here

    Fiverr customer refuses to accept

    This is not worth the trouble. Refund his money and move on. The time and trouble you're creating for yourself, with your "client" posting negativity all over you fiverr gig just isn't worth it. It's better to just refund and save your gigs reputation than to draw this out into a long and...
  2. No1here

    [FREE] Lifetime US/UK hosting for BHW members - no porn/warez/nulled scripts etc.

    The domain I've got your back-link on is my link shortening service located at and you can find your back-link right under the banner ad at the very top of the page. If possible I'd love to have hosting in UK. If I understand correctly I can just forward the DNS of a couple of my...
  3. No1here

    [FREE] Lifetime US/UK hosting for BHW members - no porn/warez/nulled scripts etc.

    Am I to late to get in on the free hosting?
  4. No1here

    [Giveaway] Pinterest Invitations for everyone

    Sorry, double post it appears.
  5. No1here

    [Giveaway] Pinterest Invitations for everyone

    I would absolutely love an invitation. Think you've got one left for me?
  6. No1here

    I love watching WSO's go down in flames

    From my understanding some of the reviews are from people who are given a free copy, along with some extras, in exchange for a good review. Others get compensated in other ways. It all depends on where you rank on the WF hierarchy with relation to number of posts and number of "Thanks" you've...
  7. No1here

    will you buy TweetAttack clone?

    When TweetAttacks went down, I own TweetAttack lite, they said that those who purchased the software would still be able to continue to use it. Now I can't even start up my copy because it has nowhere to validate to? The website that validated it now 404's. So yeah, if you come up with a clone...
  8. No1here

    R.I.P. TweetAttacks?

    Yup, I bought TAL and I'm thrilled with the software as it meets all my needs. Makes me plenty of income and with less competition I think it'll be making me even more money.
  9. No1here

    Today's The Big Day To Determine Our Internet Freedom (WoW Im So Excited!)

    Everyone will do and believe as they choose. I chose to err on the side of caution and have been spreading the word about this for quite some time. This is also not the first petition that's I've signed regarding this issue and I'm willing to bet it won't be the last. What everyone needs...
  10. No1here

    LinkALoha V2 "Getting on Page 1 Has Now Been AUTOMATED!"

    Signed up for the waiting list and eager to see what materializes out of this. Sounds quite exciting.
  11. No1here

    Make your own URL Shortner Site in 3 minutes

    It's not like ultra-super stats but good enough to give you some idea of what's going on with the site. I'm actually running the "experimental" beta version of the script but I have found it to be completely stable. OH, I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO MENTION THIS & IT'S IMPORTANT!!! This script...
  12. No1here

    Make your own URL Shortner Site in 3 minutes

    Oh, guess I should add that Yourls is also a free script so it's not going to cost you anything. Take a look at my link shortening website if you want to see what the Yourls script looks like. If you want to test it out, by all means, be my guest.
  13. No1here

    Make your own URL Shortner Site in 3 minutes

    That's a nice script but I think you guys might like this one a bit better. It's called YOURL There is another one I used that was pretty good but I don't recall the name right now. When I find it I'll post that one too. What's really nice about YOURLS is that it has a...
  14. No1here

    ScrapeBox during Panda

    The most important thing to remember is to let all your backlinks be found organically. Sure, not all of them will be indexed but because of that it shows little to next to no footprint. I haven't seen any negative affects from ScrapeBox but that could just be me.
  15. No1here

    Did anyone Cashed up on Gaddafi

    Cash in is a relative term. Let me put it this way, I did write about Gadhafi on my personal soapbox of a blog and it did garner quite a boost in traffic. I've got adsense as well as a couple of banner ads on the site so it's possible that some folks may have clicked through. If by cashing...
  16. No1here

    Don't Use URL Shortener

    Agreed, it's the only way to do it. Gotta have your own URL Shortener if you think you're going to need one. Most important thing is to make sure you've got control over your links instead of leaving them in someone else's hands.
  17. No1here

    Extreme Quick Indexer - WordPress Plugin

    What the hell, I'll try it on one of my smaller blogs that don't get much traffic. If it gets sanded then it gets sanded, it'll give me time to blast a ton of backlinks while I wait for it to return. Thanks.
  18. No1here

    Can you automate this process using Xrumer/Scrapebox? I can pay, or we can bank together.

    It already handles at least 5 platforms to my knowledge. I'm fairly certain that more are on the way. 200k list? I don't see why it couldn't handle it but I'm not 100% sure about that. I'm fairly certain it can handle a good portion of a list that size. I've been using it and been quite...
  19. No1here

    Can you automate this process using Xrumer/Scrapebox? I can pay, or we can bank together.

    I own ScrapeBoard and it creates accounts, verifies emails and posts. The thing you're asking for is already available. No?
  20. No1here

    Google To Begin Encrypting Searches & Outbound Clicks By Default

    Oh, this is not they type of news I like to read. Don't know if /b/ or /i/ can do something or anything about this, I kind of doubt it but who knows. Nevertheless, this is crappy news.
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