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    Press Release for Foreign Sites?

    Cool, could you give an example of any service that does this? I was looking at providers in my country, and the cheapest one I could find was $300 which I'm not really prepared to pay for that.
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    Press Release for Foreign Sites?

    Is there any SEO benefit in doing a press release with an english provider for a foreign site that is all written in another language? Or would that just look suspicious?
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    [Keysearch] Cutting Edge Keyword Research & Competition Analysis Tool! Fully Web Based!

    Are the lifetime plans not available any longer? Was looking at the coupon from 10 days ago, but can only find monthly and yearly subscriptions.
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    KONTENT MACHINE 3.0 Super Fast Top Ranking Content (Lifetime License)

    I'm on the verge of purchasing kontent machine, but just have a few concerns/questions. 1. If all content is scraped from article directories, won't there be duplicate content issues if everyone is using the same ones? 2. Is the monthly subscription not available anymore? I am only able to...
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    How important is hosting location?

    I'm targeting a european country where my money site is currently hosted. But the hosting is slow and I'm thinking of changing. However, the prices of other hosting providers in this country are pretty steep. So I've thought about moving the site to something like siteground, or some other US...
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    IG content

    Been looking at getting into instagram. I don't mind working hard for a period of time, creating unique and original content, but my goal would be to make this close to a passive income in the end. So I've been looking, but can not find any white hat way of automating the content creation. Some...
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    Placed order for 25 sticky posts. Last 4 digits of transaction id: 101C Please see the message I added a few minutes after the order was placed.
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    ★★★★★★ Premium Quality PBN on BHW ►TF25+►Unique IPs►Handwritten Articles

    Looks like a really good service. How long do the posts stay on the homepage? Do you keep the casino/pharma links on separate sites, or are they mixed together with other niches as well?
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    SEO List Builder - Your Ultimate Tool For Link List Creation / Expansion

    Could you send me a PM with a link to download the latest version if possible? Thanks
  10. T is Back! Powerful, Protected, High Quality Link Network! V.2.0

    Would it be considered safe sending these links straight to your money site?
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    Servinio Is As Bad As Hot Beer! Wanna Migrate, Help!

    I agree, I've also used servinio, but these last few days have been a pain. Site is loading really slow, I've paid the invoices as I was supposed to, but they still list them as unpaid, no response from support for 3 days now... I'll look into hostwinds as well.
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    Link Huggers - Smart Indexing Service - 5 Day Trial

    I'd very much like to have a go at the free trial if possible?
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    Autohotkey in VPS

    Yeah, the autohotkey script will not steal your cursor if you run it from the vps itself. But like previously stated, it will stop working when you close the remote desktop connection if you're using mouse-movement and clicks in your script. There is another way of sending commands from an...
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    First Time Ever AGED AUTHORITY FRESH PVAs »» Multi-platform Accounts starting @ $6

    Payment sent for 50 PVA Gmail accs, transaction id: ******1689250544Y
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    Quick question on whois history records

    If my details have been listed in the whois info of a domain, then afterwards I add whois privacy protection, would it still be worth keeping the domain for a PBN? Or would my personal details be exposed to G through the whois history? I registered a PBN domain but the registrar decided to add...
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    Expired domains getting registered by someone when I find them

    I have spent a lot of time these last months crawling and analyzing expired domains, and I've found some really good ones. The really great domains are from country specific TLDs and the registration is both a bit more tedious and more expensive. So it takes a bit more time to set it up (for...
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    Journey to 30$/day in 150 days

    So I've had some pretty big setbacks these last days. As I mentioned in the last update, 3 of my pbn domains will get removed. I was looking at a really great domain that would probably have been the last one I ever needed to buy for my pbn needs, but I hesitated because the tld didn't allow...
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    Journey to 30$/day in 150 days

    I've got about 20 pbn sites in total. Most of them are on separate hosting accounts, and the other ones are using cloudflare. I'm in the process of setting up Amazon S3 to use for a couple of sites as well. I crawl for expired domains myself using Domain Hunter Gatherer (has a BST in the...
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