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    I need wordpress installed

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    Video editing

    I need a video that I have edited to my specs. I need caption screens inserted. please PM me your quote for 1:30 second video and 5 caption screens to be inserted. pay via pp Thanks
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    Wordpress Installation

    delivered THANKS BHW
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    Need Video produced for landing page WITH voice over.

    I am looking for someone who can create custom video for my landing page. I need 3 videos. You can use any video production software to produce the videos. Source for video is going to be videos produced by other people and articles available. Interested people please contact me with price and...
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    Casino Games

    I need them. Slots Keno Blackjack Poker ALREADY CREATED IS BEST
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    Do you know what this is ?

    If you do, you may have a job.... Multitron 2,3,4,5 GHD Format These are games and Im looking for open source code PM or Email me THANKS APEMAN
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    Php + mysql expert

    Are you a PhP coder and a MySQL database expert ? If that is you then please email me at EMAIL OR PM ME I will then direct you to my lead tech and he will ask you questions and determine if you are our new guy. Part time gig (job to job) but a fine stream of random income. Thanks APEMAN...
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    Project manager

    Still looking for qualified people. YOU GOT TO HAVE AN ACCESS TO A TEAM !
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    Project manager

    I am looking for a group of people to make 200+ websites go live within 12 days. CRITERIA - 2 pages per website - I will provide a sample code that you may "MODEL" for 1st page. - 2nd page will be Backlinks to NETWORK SITES I will also provide the following : THEME -- You will need to...
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    Power Troke !

    I have a large network of domains and websites mostly inactive domains Between 200-300 domains The keywords are within the url. The're all related I need advice on how to dominate the keyword using whatever methid works the best. I need a professional Project Coordinator to run these...
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    How many sites do you own?

    250+ yeah boyzzzzz
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    Need someone to send out less 1k emails 2 x week

    I'll provide the emails you provide the service. PM me your price or hit my YIM
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    Is being a Blackhatter&making money guarantees us Chicks?

    I have a great suggestion.... Move your home office to Thailand for 1 month. 2k for the round trip 1k for hospitality You can live like a king with ALL the chicks you want AND Get your work on too !
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    make large network of sites

    YEP and it works quite well
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    Where to meet girls online?

    WoW.....come into my parlor....
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    Facebook marketing "expert"

    If you consider yourself an expert of Facebook and are looking for a 10 hour a week gig then this might be a good OP I need a fan page to go viral and help with "like buttons" from my websites. maybe more PM ME thanks
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    SEO + Coder needed

    HUGE project Profit sharing + Salary Must be able expert in DW and SEO EXPERT Keyword research and web design. Im looking for someone within 20miles of the Charlotte, NC area who can take lead on this awesome oppurtunity. Thanks Apeman350
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    Exploiting Google Custom Search: A BHer's Guide to Making an Easy Automated $1700/month!

    Right when I thought you couldnt get any smarter, you come thru again. Very sharp ! Thanks for sharing !
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    Vbulletin Blogger

    I need someone to be admin at my vbulletin site. build up accounts organize on my discreation must have exp in Vbulletin PM me or hit my YIM Thanks
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    I need someone to download a youtube video

    I need someone to download youtube video edit it watermark it and send the video to me so I can post it on my channel. bid open on forum Paypal THANKS
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