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  1. BunThings

    Anyone have a list of YouTube URLs with more than 1 million views?

    pm me i have lists containing 10k videos
  2. BunThings

    [GET] Youtube Account Creator - No SMS Verification Needed!

    The all catch domain is a very bad decision. They will smell that really quickly.
  3. BunThings

    How much are you making from youtube

    Anything from $1xx to $5xx on weekends. That's the great thing about youtube.
  4. BunThings

    How much are you making from youtube

    In the 3 digit margin right now all from commenting.
  5. BunThings

    Youtube as traffic source - my experience...

    nevermind disregard that.
  6. BunThings

    [WTH] VB/c++ coder for program

    I can probably do this for you, send me a PM.
  7. BunThings

    [HOW] To Get Unlimited Fresh IPs on your Computer Using iPhone Tethering

    Would it be possible to reset the connection from your pc? This would be a killer tactic, rather then having to manually change it from your phone.
  8. BunThings

    Need someone who can create video effects for Videos

    That looks a lot like a flash intro, check out monster templates or any template site they ussualy have this sort of flash intro for sale.. You could find one that you like and change it up to ur pleasing; they cost less then $50 i believe, but then again u can rip the flash right off their site...
  9. BunThings

    Youtube Auto Comment

    Sorry about that; your first sentence mis-lead me. I see what you are trying to do and it is a bit astonishing since i haven't went the 'irc' way in making a bot just yet. I wouldnt know how to help you with this method, i bet you would be better off posting in an actual scripting/coding forum...
  10. BunThings

    Anyone still selling youtube?

    Well as soon as you watch a video they probably store some cookies, so you could try removing those as well and see if there are any changes. As oppose to needing thousand of accounts i normally run on batches less then 100 for spamming; some get banned within a day, while other batches go on...
  11. BunThings

    Facebook Freezer tool, jeje.. nice tool

    2009-11-01 Found nothing 2009-11-02 Gen:Trojan.Heur.GM.0000600C40 2009-11-02 Found nothing 2009-11-02 Found nothing 2009-11-01 Found nothing 2009-11-02 Found nothing 2009-11-01 Found nothing...
  12. BunThings

    Anyone still selling youtube?

    Depends what you do with them, and you should clear/renew everything between every 3-5 accounts so if one goes off, you'll only lose 3-5. And just keep making more
  13. BunThings

    Youtube Auto Comment

    Your message goes through a spam-filter, as soon as you hit submit. They obviously blocked any sort of "http://" "www". What you are trying to do is highly off-stretched, and not the worth the time to bypass it to be honest. - they would catch to it quickly ether way.
  14. BunThings

    Need programmer or coder asap

    Send me a PM with some brief details, i can let you know if your project is doable and how the outlook will be.
  15. BunThings

    How can I make this DMR rotation script visit the URL's in sequential order?

    This should be really easy if i got it right.. You need to use a loop with a stored integer. Google php while/for loop.
  16. BunThings

    Youtube Auto Commenter

    You cant post links but u can spin ur url this way youtube also won't mark your comment as spam half the time. ex. ( domain . [dot] . {com} )
  17. BunThings

    Youtube bot

    Gotta be more descriptive then that.
  18. BunThings

    OMG Max Bounty Just Got A Face Lift!

    Seems i can't login through firefox; anyone else have this problem?
  19. BunThings

    Youtube banning

    They implemented the google verification system; so after a bunch of accounts created with the same ip, the SMS verification pops up. Clear your browser as well.
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