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    Business 2 Business Data - How to Monetize?

    Hey guys. My boss has had me scraping professional records off of insecure servers for years: doctors, lawyers, business owners, highly regarded professionals, mid level etc etc. I have probably 5 million records sitting on a data stick, and can scrape about 4k-20k targeted a day-email and...
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    My progress scraping Facebook

    Have you been able to scrape business information (place of employment and title) as well as public phone?
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    [HOW TO] Scrape 1000's of targeted emails -with footprints-

    "*.*" inurl:xls "*.*" inurl:pdf "*.*" inurl:pdf attendee "*.*" inurl:pdf directory "*.*" inurl:pdf conference "*.*" inurl:csv Use outwit docs to collect the results, download, run through email extractor...
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    7 search for CPA offers

    I made an offer for a new videogame coming out, very niche so easy keywords. 17k impressions, 750 some odd clicks, 0 conversions. Not sure if its worth it :/. BUt facebook clicks are tiny, and adwords bans accounts for no reason, so Im not sure what to do anymore.
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    Looking For Lead Generation, Hard Traffic for Landers

    Affiliates arent really working for us, looking for a pro to dump traffic on a select few landing pages. If you do lead generation, that would be a plus too. We would like to pay for either traffic generated or leads generated. If traffic, we can discuss price, if leads, we are paying 4.00...
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    Online Lead Generation Expert

    Im looking for this as well. Have a couple of landing pages, need them to fire way more often. Please PM me if you can push traffic on them (or whatever). Niche is working college grads and professionals, 25-70
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    A story of woe: my first step into PPC

    My god thats expensive. I need to see some ROI before I start putting money like that down, my wife would kill me.
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    A story of woe: my first step into PPC

    FB Ads im using the game cover, its a decent one. Im targeting on keywords, mainly likes or searches of games of a similar genre and genre names and people looking those games up on wikis. On facebook the reach is only 3million, should I go for a far broader appeal? Also as far as products...
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    A story of woe: my first step into PPC

    Alright guys, need some help. Ive done spamming for years, but the investment is killing me and spamhaus is always on your tail, so id like to change my secondary income. I gave PPC a chance last night. I signed up for Peerfly and Commission Junction, grabbed some products that appealed to...
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    Need seo service !

    I am looking for an SEO company or contractor as well. Skype is Billt568. We are looking for reputation management as well as pure SEO, so come prepared.
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    I swear Google Spam Team is reading BHW

    Yahoo employees will def sell blocks of yahoo IPs that are dedicated testing IPs that are immune to spam traps. usually costs 10s of thousands.
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    Looking for Web Designer/Coder

    My company is looking to form a long term working relationship with a web guru who has the following skillset: -Advanced PHP/MYSQL coding knowledge -Adobe Flash and design tool knowledge -Appropriate server technology background -Problem solving abilities This would be for a pretty continuous...
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    make massive amounts of of small 3 page websites

    Thank you to those who sent me a PM, I have accepted a bid. Thread closed.
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    make massive amounts of of small 3 page websites

    Basically looking for person or group to make about 40 websites based on persons in our professional network. Websites may need slight research, but most content will be provided for you. Please PM me if interested.
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    Good SEO Management Company/Person

    My organization is looking for a decent SEO management organization or professional who is familiar with reputation repair as well as general page rank management. If anyone has a decent reference they can throw me I would appreciate it.
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    Google Serp Scraping Change?

    I spend all day scraping SERPs, and i noticed recently that when I get a captcha page, and i enter the captcha, it redirects me to another captcha page, effectively a captcha loop. Clearing cache and cookies and going through proxies does not effect this. Has anyone else run into this...
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    Personal Article Generator?

    I have run into a site that makes member profiles that have large biographical writeups. By and large all of the writeups are of the same format, but with differing content based on the persons business and private information. Are there any programs available that generate quality (readable...
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    CPA/PPC Bible?

    Is there an authoritive source or individual who is generally the most respected authority on all things white and black hat? Preferabbly with an ebook I can go to town on.
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    most popular porn sites

    Look at the alexa clickstreams from xhamster.
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