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  1. silvertroll

    Free Alternative to Power Article Rewriter?

    Hi, I was looking for a free alternative to Power Article Rewriter, just something to quickly spin lots of articles. I know that Power Article Rewriter was already shared somewhere, but it's either infected according to virustotal, or not working at all.. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. silvertroll

    What is todays SEO? - Full Insight

    ExtraWinner thanks for sharing this information. Can you please answer this question: What is considered to be an authority backlink? (lets say a Pr 5 blog links back to my site - is it an authority backlink?)
  3. silvertroll

    Separate C Class IPs - Are they worth the cost?

    I would probably do the same thing instead of you. By the way, do you want to form your own self hosted network because of the new Google algo that devalued various backlink methods (blog commenting, web 2.0 and etc.) ?
  4. silvertroll

    Question about Link Manager

    If you want to have a website for long terms purposes would you use PHP Link Manager? I'm asking it because Google doesn't seem to like these kind of stuff. Moreover, do you think that it's just a matter of time until Google crack down on people using Link Manager (if at all) ?? Thanks
  5. silvertroll

    Ask me about making $500 a day with Adsense and getting banned by Google

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us frenchboy. Just a short question: Can you tell us which CPA companies are good (have you had any problems with them, etc.) ?
  6. silvertroll

    My sites dissapeared from Google!

    Well, I can't really confirm it but it's definitely an interesting theory. Can you tell us where have you read about it? Edit: Any alternatives to Google Analytics?
  7. silvertroll

    My sites dissapeared from Google!

    I'm using it. Do you think there is something wrong with it?
  8. silvertroll

    My sites dissapeared from Google!

    I'm happy to hear that you got your positions back and took care of the person who stole your content. My site on the other hand still hasn't got out of this horrible slap, so I am still trying to be optimistic..
  9. silvertroll

    Clickbank scamming IM newbies???

    I haven't seen this 7 clicks crap or care much about it, but wanted to know if fatcat Adsense course is really worth something or you're just kidding?
  10. silvertroll

    * HELP * PayPal CLOSED my account ( 2300$ gone!!)

    Omg, :D:D Honestly, I didn't know that paypal steal so much money.. but on the other hand, it's not the first case on this forum regarding the good service that paypal provides.
  11. silvertroll

    My sites dissapeared from Google!

    I had only one site, and it too got slapped about a month ago. The homepage dropped to page 2, and all other posts nearly disappeared from the serps... that's sux big time :(
  12. silvertroll

    Does The "Google Sandbox" Even Exist?

    Well, google really hates paid links. I would bet it's the fact that he paid for links, not because he built too many...
  13. silvertroll

    Thesis and Nofollow Question

    Hi, I didn't know in what section to post it so I hope it's fine. What I want to do is to add nofollow links to useless pages like privacy policy for seo purposes. Now, thesis allegedly gives you the option to add nofollow attribute to any page you want, but if you have the page on the...
  14. silvertroll

    Super Blackhat Comment Changer Method

    For those of you that use the seo super comments, what are you doing in terms of the duplicate content issue? I mean what this plugin does is that it take a comment from your post, create a new page for it and link back to the original post. Can't you get penalized for it? I mean I can also...
  15. silvertroll

    Problem with Thesis Header

    First of all thanks for your reply, I managed to solve it with a code that I found on another site. You can close the thread now.
  16. silvertroll

    Doofollow Vs NoFollow Backlink

    Interesting, I also think that you shouldn't bother at all with nofollow links. On the other hand, I am not sure about wikipedia, do you think that wikipedia nofollow links are worth it?
  17. silvertroll

    Problem with Thesis Header

    Hi guys, I got a little problem that with adding a custom header to thesis 1.7 . Now, I tried various css codes from different sites and neither do the job well. What I want to do is take a crap header, and put it directly above the navigation bar (I have already got the nav bar below the...
  18. silvertroll

    Good Comments... BAD Comments...

    vasilicaciortan, were these spam comments sent to your site?
  19. silvertroll

    Good Comments... BAD Comments...

    The tiffany jewlery and the buy viagra online guys also engage in these practices. If you see a site spammed by these guys, sooner or later every single page on the site that a visitor can drop a link will be spammed to death.
  20. silvertroll

    A Question About Paypal and Hostgator

    Ok, thanks guys.
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