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  1. pandasfriend

    December 2022 link spam update

    It's that time of the year. Hold on tight folks. Seems that they are launching a lot of algo tweaks at the end of the year to show corporate managment what they were working all year long, last several years was the same.
  2. pandasfriend

    Google has to fix its shit

    It also might be because of mobile first indexing, indexing problems became visible as they kept rolling that out. And now it's completely rolled out and we have a nightmare.
  3. pandasfriend

    Google has to fix its shit

    The situation is awful with indexing even on authority sites and I checked a dozen, some of them have content that was published a month ago and still not indexed. I guess something is broken at google and it's not that they are doing it on purpose. From the other hand with all this AI content...
  4. pandasfriend

    Indexing method gone?

    Indexing problems began with google switching fully to mobilefirst indexing, I think they are aware of this problem and working to solve.
  5. pandasfriend

    SENSIT | GPT-3 | 1-Click AutoPilot Full Articles | Unlimited Words/ Article | Rewrite & Enhance Content | API

    So I got my hands on this tool to try and I must say it’s pretty impressive. Got a decent content even for complicated subjects that other tools handled badly. I haven’t tested a lot of similar tools but I’m seriously considering to integrate to my content strategy.
  6. pandasfriend

    What was the oldest google cached date you have seen

    As title says what was the oldest google cache you have seen. I will start: I remember seeing a page with over 4 months old cached version of the page in google search. BTW: Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  7. pandasfriend

    Any Basketball related affiliate programs?

    Hello Folks, Anyone can recommend any Basketball related affiliate programs? Thanks in advance
  8. pandasfriend

    [GET] ANY Audiobook From Audible

    Wow, what a share! Thanks Dating Essentials for Men by Dr. Robert Glover
  9. pandasfriend

    Easy Solution for PBN Hosting | $1.55 Per IP | 100% Indexing Rate - NEO PBN

    Review: Setup was easy and smooth. So far hosting looking good, no downtime or slowdowns, I'm hosting only two blogs for now, but service looks promising and really considering to upgrade for more ips.
  10. pandasfriend

    Google search console question

    Give it some time, usually google is starting to rank for long tail keywords first - it's a good sign. If niche is competitive keep doing what you are doing and give it some time( couple months).
  11. pandasfriend

    Easy Solution for PBN Hosting | $1.55 Per IP | 100% Indexing Rate - NEO PBN

    Would like to try with review copy.
  12. pandasfriend

    ❇️ Since 2012 ❇️ (Prev. SerpBook) - Local Rank Tracking, On-demand Updates, Verifiable SERPs, Sharable Reports ⭐ EXCLUSIVE BHW DISCOUNT ⭐

    Been using it in the past, would love to use it again for acceptable price as I need only a 1-10 keywords tracked.
  13. pandasfriend

    SOCIAL SIGNALS ★ $3 ★ Unlimited URLs ★ Drip Feed ★ CUSTOM Orders ★ 40,000+ Orders Done ★

    My review: got social signals for free as a review copy. Delivery was very fast and for those looking for such social signals it's a good service to use. Facebook 15 Pinterest 5 Reddit 2 Mix 4 LinkedIn 9 Googled indexed them very fast. So all good and helps for diversity.
  14. pandasfriend

    [PBN EMPIRE] Premium Blog Reviews | The Ferocious Energy | High Metrics | Potent Links at $1.7

    Order placed. Looking forward to positive movement.
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