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    bought an expired domain valued @ 2 160 000.00

    Well DP is well known for domain selling. The top domain buyers often have "first look" contracts with the serious sellers there. If you want to get your domain in front of serious buyers that is where I'd look. Here not so much.
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    Domain for sale DA 29, PA 40 anyone willing to buy ? offers?

    Yeah or know you can't have a banner with a height of more than 90px! Not sure what this OP was thinking (or you for criticizing while breaking the banner rule).
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    $50,000+ In Prizes - Upcoming Product Launch

    cheers guys, let me know if you need anything to promote :)
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    $50,000+ In Prizes - Upcoming Product Launch

    One Of The Largest Clickbank Launches Of The Year Starts 30th September 2011? If you have ever promoted or sold a product on how to make money on Clickbank then you are sure to bank big with the upcoming CB Doctor launch! The thing most people who buy "how to make money" product do is fail...
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    $50,000+ In Prizes - Unique Internet Marketing Product Launch

    Join One Of The Largest Clickbank Launches This Year With Over 7,000,000 Promotional Email Sends Already Confirmed And Immediately Earn 75% Of Every Single Sale You Refer! We are offerring MASSIVE JV prizes, such as: 5 Night's Accommodation at the Banyan Tree Resort Phuket, Thailand with...
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    SEO Clickbank Product JV

    are you offerring review's so we know the product is quality before we email for you?
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    Copywriting services?

    PM me brother.. would be happy to write the ebooks for you :D
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    Social Bookmarking to 25,50,100and 200 bookmarking sites for 4$

    how quickly is the book marketing completed?
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    Health Affiliates

    I'm working with a network of 15 clickbank websites that are all in the health industry, in small niches like curing tonsil stones etc... I'm wanting to find some new affiliates to promote the sites, all commissions are paid by clickbank so you don't need to worry about not getting paid, the...
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    Australian Traffic

    PM me some details
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    Australian Traffic

    if you can provide where the traffic will come from and the niche they are in, i'll look at doing a upfront deposit.. I wont pay for all the traffic otherwise you wont have any reason to send it as you'll already have the $$
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    Australian Traffic

    Hey Guys, Wanting to do a JV with people that can send Australian traffic.. I'll pay $1 per unique click that you can send to a link.. Requirements: - Australian ONLY Traffic, if non Australian traffic, you wont get paid - Traffic needs to be interested in Wealth creation - Non...
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    Commission Siphon

    you'd be better off spending the $1k on hosting and the CTR adsense theme and build WP blogs.. the software and system is crap, the support doesn't exist and the "link building" the software does is just blog commenting spam.. waste of time and money
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    What's wrong with my Sales Page?

    you headlines are weak and don't make readers want to continue to read the sales page.. you go into the sale way to early, you need to show and tell the people reading why they need your software and how their life is crappy without it, how they are wasting so much time and energy without using...
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    I need a report done.

    happy to do it.. PM me the info and i'll get it done by wednesday
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    [WTH] Designer

    I'm happy to do 50% upfront, just not 100% need some kind of assurance that they'll do the work :)
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    [WTH] Designer

    I'm looking to hire a designer for a week.. if you are interested let me know but make sure that you are able to work with me for a minimum of 7 days (this means no other side projects for that time frame).. you must also be willing to be paid via direct deposit (no paypal sorry :()...
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    Be my sites SEO guru and take home....

    @scam_crusher - i agree with you, you can outsource ur seo to someone who's 300/month but your unlikely to get results, but if your SEO guy is incentivised to get you more sales/leads to make more money then as u said he'll work his arse off.. if ur still looking for someone message me as im...
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    Need a PPC Adwords Guy

    what niche are you wanting PPC done for?
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    On and off site seo needed

    PM me.. i've got a network of over 200 niche marketing sites that are ranking well.. happy to do some SEO work for you..
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