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  1. SeoProMatt

    Selling my Amazon Affiliate portfolio. Contracts??

    So I'm selling my Amazon affiliate site portfolio. Most of them are gone but I had one of my smaller sites get purchased for $1,200. Buyer wants me to sign an overly complicated asset purchase agreement. I don't feel comfortable signing this without my attorney reading it but he would charge...
  2. SeoProMatt

    Quitting my Job at the end of the year NO MATTER WHAT.

    Hello all, I've been really distracted with other projects I've been working on (primarily real estate). I have pretty much done very little work on this site since the beginning of the year. Here are the screenshots for all that are curious. This site has been fairly disappointing. I'm...
  3. SeoProMatt

    Will the Tik Tok Algorithm change?

    These companies always start with a free to use and once they build a heavy following start implementing advertising. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and now Tik Tok.
  4. SeoProMatt

    [Updated 2.0] Boost Your Bottom Line With Top Quality Content @ Just $0.99/500 Words

    Yeah placed an order 3 weeks ago and haven't gotten my article or my money back... If I don't hear from him by Friday I'll just reach out to my bank. Hopefully shut down his PayPal account.
  5. SeoProMatt

    [52% BHW OFF] ★★ Razors Speed Rank Strategy ★★ Good Quality, Diversified & Safe SEO Package

    Order Placed. Transaction ID ***421G I'll be sure to leave a detailed review for you all when I'm done.
  6. SeoProMatt

    Pinterest + Affiliate Site to $3,000/month

    I wish I could pin it to the bottom or something because people keep asking. LOL
  7. SeoProMatt

    Affiliate Disclaimer

    Two things. First if not all affiliate networks require that you have an affiliate disclaimer. You may not get caught at first but if you get selected for an audit you could ruin all your earnings. Second, many countries require that you disclose if you are getting a commission from a...
  8. SeoProMatt

    Quitting my Job at the end of the year NO MATTER WHAT.

    It's a plugin on WordPress
  9. SeoProMatt

    Quitting my Job at the end of the year NO MATTER WHAT.

    Even if they are really low comp with things like pinterest and reddit on the first page?
  10. SeoProMatt

    Quitting my Job at the end of the year NO MATTER WHAT.

    Yeah, I realized pretty quickly after graduation that I am not wired to have a boss or to be stuck in a cubical all day. Good luck to you.
  11. SeoProMatt

    Quitting my Job at the end of the year NO MATTER WHAT.

    Now that the year has come to an end here are my feelings around this site: 1. Progress I really wish I would have gotten out of the Google sandbox by now and started to see some hockey stick growth on my rankings. I know it's coming I just have to keep up my motivation to keep getting...
  12. SeoProMatt

    Quitting my Job at the end of the year NO MATTER WHAT.

    I assumed my CTR is low because I'm ranking pretty low on keywords. So if someone is already on page 4 or 5 of google they are probably just scrolling around and not actually looking for an article. I've had sites that had .3% ctr then when I started ranking top 3 it jumped up to 6%. Many have...
  13. SeoProMatt

    Quitting my Job at the end of the year NO MATTER WHAT.

    Hey guys, Alright, time for a long-overdue update. I've been really distracted with some real estate rentals I have been purchasing and rehabbing. I am quite disappointed with the progress my site has reached. Was really hoping to have gotten my hockey stick growth by now. Here are some...
  14. SeoProMatt

    Longest gone without fap?

    Yeah as long as you live with your partner or can see them every few days shouldn't be a problem going without it. I guess OP just assume we are all single LOL
  15. SeoProMatt

    Monster White - Guest Post Style Posts from Huge High Authority Sites - Only $15

    Samples and discount code, please.
  16. SeoProMatt

    Look at my ranking Should I be worried?

    Those aren't actually rankings my man. The only thing those stats tell me is that your site does not have backlinks. Do you have any ranking articles?
  17. SeoProMatt

    The Vaccine & Pfitzer: Did you know?

    As a healthy 22-year-old who test positive for the virus in May and did not show any symptoms, I will not be taking the vaccine. If we took a vaccine for everything with a death rate of 0.01% we would have to take thousands of vaccines at birth. For me personally, the side effects are not worth...
  18. SeoProMatt


    Interested if still available, thanks.
  19. SeoProMatt

    [METHOD] How to write up to 40 Blog posts EVERY SINGLE DAY

    I do this all the time, especially if I am familiar with the keyword I am targeting. I'll be driving sometimes and just open notes and in 30 minutes, I'll have dictated 6,000 words. Yeah, it'll take me 2 hours or so to edit it because of how messy it is but still much faster than typing...
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