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  1. Hogare

    Bought my first vehicle -- a brand new Jeep Wrangler -- If you have one, post it up!

    Driving that outdated, technically inferior hunk of metal on a highway would be a cruel punishment for the driver and the passengers, though.
  2. Hogare

    Bought my first vehicle -- a brand new Jeep Wrangler -- If you have one, post it up!

    Whatever floats your boat OP... but putting that "thing" above mercs, beamers and porches is a bit of a stretch. These are real cars, that POS is nothing more than a glorified tractor.
  3. Hogare

    Why is there a gold rush for deleted high PR Tumblr blogs?

    I must have registered several thousand of expired Tumblr domains over the course of two or three years...they work for low competition keywords...what I've noticed is they don't do shit for somewhat competitive ones. They are fool's gold, OP. That's why they are popular.
  4. Hogare

    Making A Deal With The Devil Today (Met Our #1 Competitor In Person) What Would You Do?

    Duuude...the guy is signed the deal with the devil...You should change your username to ShittnBrix since that's exactly what you'll be doing from now on!!! Joke!
  5. Hogare

    Is prolonged computer use making my ears ring? Anybody else experience this?

    Have you checked your blood pressure? High blood pressure can be the cause of your problems.
  6. Hogare

    WTF is wrong with Google Analytics?

    Yep, pretty much across all domains. I didn't get my hopes up cause no way those jumps would be possible. I mean, regularly it's at least a hundred percent jump, and knowing my keywords, I knew it wasn't regular traffic - bots maybe...but when I log in the next day, the spike is gone.
  7. Hogare

    Pray for MH370

    I'm not an insensitive prick,but...praying wont do shit. When a plane disappears of the radar it's pretty clear what that means. "Air Crash Investigation" is a good show...I guess we'll find out just what happened next season.
  8. Hogare

    Do you believe in karma?

    Of course, you're free to believe anything you want...but believing in supreme being and comparing it's existence to oxygen is a bit of a stretch. Oxygen,unlike supreme beings,can be measured,quantified and proven to exist easily.That's why you don't believe oxygen is there.You simply know it's...
  9. Hogare

    Do you believe in karma?

    Belief is a poor substitute for knowledge and experience. The guy who says "I believe" is just as wrong as the guy who says "There's nothing there". Both are two sides of the same coin. The honest thing is to say "I don't know." Be agnostic,people!
  10. Hogare

    Client refuses to pay for no reason. What to do?

    Dude, take the high road and chalk it up to experience.You've learned a valuable lesson and it cost you only $300. Do you consider yourself a professional? If so,then act like one. In future, as a couple of others have pointed out, ALWAYS ask for at least half the money up front.If they have...
  11. Hogare

    Matt Cutts in Video Says BlackHat Forums are Dying - Going After ALL Services Sold & More

    Guys, how freakin' easy it would be for them to sign up for every (public) private network on this site multiple times and deindex all the sites these networks consist of? They could do it for shits and giggles just to see you guys bitch and moan afterwards...geez. They don't need...
  12. Hogare

    7 Spending Tips From Frugal Billionaires

    Holy fcuk,talk about Scrooges... "I've got billions but $45 for a haircut!? Fuck that,I'll do it myself!" So sad.What's the point?Accumulation?So they can brag how much they've got? When you've got billions ain't it time you relaxed a bit? Like,not drive a fcuking old Volvo,or use a bus and...
  13. Hogare

    My Girlfriend the Bar Marketer: How Would You Feel in My Situation

    That's what happens when you let a woman leave the kitchen.
  14. Hogare

    what is the best sport for you?

    Extreme wife's a champ. Yes,that IS a sport.
  15. Hogare

    How long until negative SEO gets TOTALLY out of hand?

    Seriously,how fucking easy it would be to set the value of forum profile and blog comment links to zero? Considering these are responsible for most of the NSEO.Why would they want to even give them any juice (positive or negative) at all?
  16. Hogare

    Sleep Is An Addictive Illness

    Sleep deprivation is a very effective torture technique. After three days,you'll confess and give up any and all information your torturers want. Having said that,I don't give a shit about "sleep is for the weak" and all that...I need my eight hours and if I don't get them, I'm one grumpy,lazy...
  17. Hogare

    I want to become Dubai Police

    Yeah,you'd have a point if Jay Leno was buying these cars but..DUDE,the chicks are driving them...aint'no way in hell these cars are going to last that long.
  18. Hogare

    I want to become Dubai Police

    How the Fcuk is this a good investment??? They are over the top with this shit...meanwhile their slaves don't even have a pot to piss in.
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