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  1. Mukis

    Tutorial - how to do Gambling ADS / Casino ADS on google

    It's good, but too short. At least you can describe more detailed how we should apply for social casino licence. What kind of sites do you recommend creating? Any examples of them?
  2. Mukis

    Methods for Google Ad Thresholds

    Why did you call it the method? This can be short wishes, short recommendations, notes, anything, but not the method. A method is detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it. Usually with screenshots, it’s good if there is a video.
  3. Mukis

    Another Disabled Accounts & Suspicious Payment Thread

    One month warming up before starting
  4. Mukis

    What if you would name your daughter "Blackhat"?

    and give her a black hat when she goes to school...
  5. Mukis

    ✅ Google Ads Threshold Method 2024 ✅ (Success Rate: 60-70%)

    It's not the problem if service is real, but usually it's just for scamming people
  6. Mukis

    ✅ Google Ads Threshold Method 2024 ✅ (Success Rate: 60-70%)

    At best, this information is useless; at worst, it is placed as an ad with a potential scam of people.
  7. Mukis

    [Announcement] Introducing: The New BHW

    It's not what's on the outside that matters, but what's on the inside.
  8. Mukis

    Social casino licence

    Hello. When we try to send request for social casino licence, google ask the group of countries we are targeting. Which countries will you be targeting? * Any of Group 1: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece...
  9. Mukis

    Casino Ads - Massive good results

    Which geo did u use for recieving social casino licence?
  10. Mukis

    Casino Ads - Massive good results

    1. Gov domain bans 2. Online payment platforms This is the two major problems to start your own casino
  11. Mukis

    I managed to get Google ads $300 threshold

    another potential scammer who registered today and immediately decided to share his magical abilities with us
  12. Mukis

    how to do goggle ads for online gambling

    Nobody sell you working method. If smb find the method he or she starts working immediately. If the method is near to death they can start selling it.
  13. Mukis

    Looking for smb who can download competitors campaign

    Hey! Looking for smb who can download competitors campaign 500$ per campaign Pm
  14. Mukis

    Best Cloaker for Google Ads ?
  15. Mukis

    Looking for Indonesian guy

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to help me find and organize 100-200 Indonesians to write reviews. Please PM me
  16. Mukis

    Google adwords display url change. ( Question to experts )

    Tracking template. This is the right direction for your research.
  17. Mukis

    ✅✅✅Google Adwords accounts for sale | Aged Google ads accounts ❤️❤️❤️

    A lot of new accounts! Accounts with huge (up to 1mln) ad spend!
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