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  1. Satanic_Frozen

    (POOL) How anti-AI content are you?

    more votes are appreciated
  2. Satanic_Frozen

    (POOL) How anti-AI content are you?

    If you see an interesting video on Youtube and when you start watching, you realize that it is an AI voice speaking, how you react?
  3. Satanic_Frozen

    Is this domain worth anything?

    yes, it worths 20 bucks
  4. Satanic_Frozen

    Holding BTC ?

    ? Sell low, buy high or what?
  5. Satanic_Frozen

    The Internet's anger issues

    OP feels censored in this forum and every day is creating new posts to cry about it. It's becoming tiring. Your last post about ''superior culture'' and that bullshit was enough to be locked. With this mindset, you are going to probably be banned very soon. The mods here are not teenager...
  6. Satanic_Frozen

    [Journey] Rising from the Ashes. From Homeless to Millionaire

    man, anyone who has already used ''use casual tone'' prompt on chat-gpt knows that this text is generated by AI english is not my language as well, i use translator all the time and i know that this is not translated content, just AI anyway, be happy with those likes, idk what's the point of...
  7. Satanic_Frozen

    [Journey] Rising from the Ashes. From Homeless to Millionaire

    WTF? Now you guys are trying to create fake journeys to comove people and receive likes? Cut the bullshit man
  8. Satanic_Frozen

    Making +$1,953 in Five Days! (A Detailed Guide)

    ''create a guide to teach morons how to make money by promoting CPA links with media buying, you don't need to be specific about what networks you can use to buy your traffic, you don't need to mention blacklist traffic and tools to filter your traffic, use a casual language and make it...
  9. Satanic_Frozen

    Are you reading books?

    Sure Impossible compare the quality of philosophers and real writers with shitty gurus and podcasters talking bullshit on tiktok
  10. Satanic_Frozen

    Warning points

    You need to read the rules and stop receiving so many warnings...if you respect the rules, there's nothing to fear about
  11. Satanic_Frozen

    Does New Technology Make Our Lives Better or It's Just an Illusion?

    Take a plane to Sierra Leone, Burundi or Somalia and you will see if they are happy without technology
  12. Satanic_Frozen

    is bumble dead?

    it seems you are "dead", not them
  13. Satanic_Frozen

    Some cultures are more difficult to get money out of

    Trash thread... you're clearly talking about some poorer countries with different payment methods. If you want to convert them, offer local payment solutions instead of being lazy and offer just credit card. There is nothing related to "culture" here, it's about offering payment solutions...
  14. Satanic_Frozen

    How to deal with youtube cannibalism?

    thank you I'll do that Appreciate your suggestion do you have experience with YouTube?
  15. Satanic_Frozen

    How to deal with youtube cannibalism?

    then, how these youtubers publish videos every day? not sure if just sit and wait is the way to go
  16. Satanic_Frozen

    How to deal with youtube cannibalism?

    After publishing a new video on YouTube, the previous video stops getting views It's like my previous video is killed by the new one. In this case, when should I post a new video? I like to post a new video each 2 days, however, it seems that I'm killing my own growth
  17. Satanic_Frozen

    To Europeans from European, do you like...

    The EU puts the interests of the Americans ahead of the interests of Europeans themselves. If the US asks, Europe will impose sanctions that even the Americans themselves don't impose. Unfortunately it is a decadent and subordinate continent right now, let's see how long it will continue to...
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