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  1. Periko18

    Im Living in turkey How Can I Make Money

    What other skills do you have besides English? Take a moment to browse through this forum; you might find something that interests you. Don't expect anyone to hand over their money-making secrets...
  2. Periko18

    Reddit Subreddit Members | 1,000 / 10$ - Subreddit Subscribers growth & Traffic boost

    The service is good, I got 1000 followers on my subreddit. Thanks!
  3. Periko18

    IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! Unbannable Telegram accounts for advertising/shilling!

    I just created a post about this too. The only thing that works for me is to buy real SIM Cards, this raised the cost of my project but I no longer have to break my head thinking about how to solve the ban haha...
  4. Periko18

    Which karma is easy to get: post karma or comment karma?

    Both can be obtained easily if you know the right way to do it. But it is faster to get post karma.
  5. Periko18

    Telegram Account Ban

    Of course, I use a different residential proxy for each account. Also, use each account's own ID and hash (TDATA format). I have been testing and the only way I have found to make this work is to work with real SIM Cards... Yes, I just bought a couple of SIM cards and they work perfectly...
  6. Periko18

    quoran and reddit

    I put the same effort as on Reddit and got less traffic...
  7. Periko18

    Telegram Account Ban

    Every time I connect a Telegram account to Telethon I get an instant ban... First, I thought it might be the code, thinking it was spammy or something. I created a new one for testing, but nope, still got banned. Then, I switched to Pyromath, thinking maybe Telethon was the issue. Surprise, I...
  8. Periko18

    quoran and reddit

    For me Reddit is the best. With a good automod setup and you can stop any spam. Besides, you can create any bot with the Reddit API. I tried Quora a few months ago but was unsuccessful haha.
  9. Periko18

    What kind of freelancing work do you guys do?

    I recently shared some guides about Reddit NSFW on different forums. Following that, I received messages from individuals interested in hiring me to oversee their subreddit in exchange for payment. Nope haha
  10. Periko18

    What kind of freelancing work do you guys do?

    Reddit OF Management / Subreddit Automation
  11. Periko18

    Best subreddits to farm karma?

    r/Rule34 for post karma and r/AskReddit for comment karma
  12. Periko18

    Reddit Master (NSFW)

  13. Periko18

    How Much Do You Need To Live A Good Life In Your Country?

    $1k per month minimum to live "a good life". This amount obviously living alone...
  14. Periko18

    What's currently making you money? Nov 2023

    I make money by advertising on my subreddits + I manage a Reddit OF account
  15. Periko18

    Reddit post problem Replace username with your Reddit username. If you receive a 404 error your account has shadowban
  16. Periko18 | Reddit Upvotes $0.01 / Upvote - Automatic Orders & Bulk deals

    Just tried out the service and it was spot on! The delivery of the upvotes was on time and the quantity was correct. Thanks!
  17. Periko18 | Reddit Upvotes $0.01 / Upvote - Automatic Orders & Bulk deals

    Can I test your service? ID for receiving funds: 1103205430 Thanks!
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