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  1. OldSalt

    Scammed by Sartre and trying to make the most of two nearly two year old domains

    First off, I am sorry you got ripped off - but let me give you some advice moving forward. When dealing with someone you don't know, start small - at least smaller than $5k. I'm hoping you meant in a different currency than US or that wasn't exactly what you meant b/c that is a large amount to...
  2. OldSalt

    It is my Birthday Today

    Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great day for you and the start of a wonderful year!
  3. OldSalt

    How Can I Earn $50 per day online instantly?

    You've been given very good advice. You aren't going to make a reliable $50 a day right off the bat in IM - it could take weeks or months of work, fine tuning etc, even if you are pursuing a profitable method. As others have said, get a job, pay the bills, work IM on the side. Good luck, hope...
  4. OldSalt

    Do you think its possible for money to not exist?

    I think we'll need money until we manage to convert matter to energy and back efficiently. At that point, we would be able to pretty much eliminate poverty because we would have practically unlimited energy to be able to create food, housing - everything that is needed - making it no longer...
  5. OldSalt

    WizGizmo needs our Well Wishes and Positive energy

    Hey all, When I was a Mod-in-Training, WizGizmo took me under his wing and taught me the ropes. He was always kind and patient. We became good friends and exchanged real FB info and phone numbers. We kept loosely in touch but it had been a few years when I came back to BHW and noticed he'd been...
  6. OldSalt

    I no longer use Twitter

    Twitter has never held any interest for me - and even less since Elon bought it.
  7. OldSalt

    Etsy advice for permanently disabled account

    Keep in mind that Etsy is in the business to make money from transations. They generally don't shut down accounts without a reason. I've heard ppl say there are exceptions, but most of the time, there's a valid reason. Your friend was selling handmade products made in another country. Was he...
  8. OldSalt

    So I became JR.VIP

    Welcome to the Blue side!
  9. OldSalt


    I was curius - so I tried the white theme... for about 15 seconds. It didn't feel right so I reverted right back. :)
  10. OldSalt

    This site makes over $1k per day with AI content

    I'm curious - what's the point if finding out who posted it? It won't get your sites re-indexed nor make you a dime of the money you've lost. Even if you could find out who it was, what are you going to do, post an angry message to him at what he cost you? I just don't see the point.
  11. OldSalt

    Journey to becoming someone, I would be proud of

    If it was me, and I had to pick a static time for each night, I would pick 10pm to 6am. I got up at 5:30am for 21 years when I was active duty Navy... don't need to do that no more. Lol
  12. OldSalt

    You guys work 9/5?

    Technically I work from 9pm to 8am because I work overnight (4x10s) as a network tech on our outage team... lol
  13. OldSalt

    Journey to becoming someone, I would be proud of

    I'm wondering - why you are grading yourself to maintain the specific times slot to sleep (8pm to 4am) rather thsn just the requirement it be 8 hours long? My wife and I routinely go to bed at different times, we just adjust the alarm so that we will get a bit more then 8 hours. (Our dog wakes...
  14. OldSalt

    Journey to becoming someone, I would be proud of

    Ok, you found out that you needed to post it publicly to keep yourself on task - so continue to posting it publicly. Get back on the horse and start riding. If parts are too private, then don't include those, but post what feels comfortable - but re-commit to getting it done. I wish you good...
  15. OldSalt

    Dispute @bulkemailing vs @charlotteseo

    It's a typical reaction when there is no other defense - attack the other person or the platform.
  16. OldSalt

    Scalping advise

    You're not the only one. I was thinking the post was going to be about buying tickets and selling them at a high profit.
  17. OldSalt

    I'm tired of seeing a bunch of abandoned Journey threads and people making pennies a day.

    What a loon. I saw the insult he posted about BTB and sent him the PM he screenshot. He decided not to learn. No great loss. Thanks BTB for taking out the trash.
  18. OldSalt

    Zwielicht's Marketplace Surplus Giveaway

    Maybe change the requirement to 1 year or 6 months if JrVIP? That would allow for those with the increased commitment to be able to apply earlier.
  19. OldSalt

    (Resolved) Got Scammed by Jr VIP ithappensjim

    I would change the advice to, If you are dealing with a newer seller, then you should start small and build a trusting relationship based on those transactions before building up to larger deals. A seller that has been here longer has more to lose because they've worked to build their...
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