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  1. Fubar1

    Do you think SEO is Dead After March 2024 Update? Check My Recent Test With AI Content

    This is very true. All my sites are autoblogs and they rank well and now my GSA links effective than ever. I am expecting quite speed index ratio. Many just saying without even trying or knowing nothing...its like window shopping lol
  2. Fubar1

    What age is everyone?

    What do you mean i assume i am already on mid age lol! 37 is not that much younger. now i don't feel to spend hours and hours inside vpss tweaking gsa ser and monitoring all the numbers bla bla.. but i still do.. :( but now i want to be a youtuber and travel around lol... with seo i earn...
  3. Fubar1

    Best AI Tool to Create Blog Outlines

    Ask your ChatGPT to build a custom GPT or use write Sonic.. lately its well developed
  4. Fubar1

    [Free Starter Package] Incogniton, anti detect browser - Manage multiple unique browser profiles without detection!

    Love its as stealth browser. But recently i am getting cloudflare looping with most of browsers i create... Can you give us an update on it. Also noticed this happens with some of my friends. This is not a proxy issue as i am using those with others and tried different services with no luck
  5. Fubar1

    What age is everyone?

    now 37 .... started SEO + Delphi and Drinking beers at 18 :/ Also found my wife :) 18 Financially i am more stable than healthwise.. now i have IBS / Cholesterol etc lol Stay healthy brother
  6. Fubar1

    1st Friday Of The Month

    Nothing. I am a heavy drinker. Minimum is 1 wine bottle a day or max is 1 Jack daniels a day.. Sadly i am high function on alcoholics.... I am trying to quit the bad habit. So no friday for me. Didn't have a drink for last 2 days and yes tomorrow i have a party so :anyway::( milk thistle +...
  7. Fubar1

    An Inspiring AI Case Study: Reaching $100 per Day with a Fully Automated AI Website

    Which part don't you understand? Most MMO niches require technical knowledge about how to use various tools, etc., or recommendations from real users. Since AI can't make recommendations, it's not suitable for such niches. Of course, you can pursue these areas, but it's not worth it at all...
  8. Fubar1

    An Inspiring AI Case Study: Reaching $100 per Day with a Fully Automated AI Website

    AI sounds mostly like 3rd person or 2nd person where it use he / she which is not good for make money online niches. AI works well specially if you have a strategy to build continues backlinks with link building tools and you can get indexed them. After all content should have make sense...
  9. Fubar1

    GSA SER List Recommendation

    wait a minute who are you ? :D :rolleyes:
  10. Fubar1

    GSA SER List Recommendation

    with my current link list capmonster + cap cloud h captchas works great. however i am not happy with cloud services lol but there is zero hassles with proxies and monthly fee.
  11. Fubar1

    ❇️Buy VCC For Any Kind Work❇️One Time And Buy Reloadable VCC from

    If some some take some time to deliver doesn't mean its a scam. I have seen many posts like this with impatience users. I paid for the service and i got the card. But after one transaction (trial ) and there should be 5$ balance and now my card seems decline. I contact via telegram and its...
  12. Fubar1

    How can I use ChatGPT in SEO?

    I do a lot of things with ChatGPT. While typing this, I am arranging push notification content for my clothing store. I arrange all the data fields super spun on GSA SER / Ranker X. I check for keyword cannibalism easily. While it's not good for keyword research, it can still be used for...
  13. Fubar1

    GSA SER List Recommendation

    Damn i cant do that. I will have to think about my bandwidth plus i ilke to separate all the things separate. Currently i own 3 servers (24GB x 2 16gb x 1 ) and 3 of them busy with various tools. Its very cheap to buy PCs if my country allows decent bandwith..but here 20GB per day around 20$...
  14. Fubar1

    GSA SER List Recommendation

    i am running 800 threads with 2 projects. yes only contextual with best performing engines....i am going to waste lot of valuable targets but i got few lists on hand...thinking to go back to xevil... my capmonster running on 5 threads and its too low. may i know which hosting company are you on..
  15. Fubar1

    GSA SER List Recommendation

    Does Xevil now support hCaptcha? Are you sure? They advertised it, but it was broken for months. I have seen the XRumer AI upgrade and didn't consider it. By the way, 8GB RAM for Xevil, wow, that's great. One of my setups is running Captcha Monster Standard with 5 threads + GSA CB + GSA SER on a...
  16. Fubar1

    Black hat link building vs white hat?

    Totally agreed!
  17. Fubar1

    Is the GSA backlink still valid?

    GSA Website contact software is a email marketing software where you can find submit contact forms of websites and contact them with your message while GSA search engine ranker is a link building software. Both are up to dated and works fine. I personally big fan of gsa ser and i have no clue of...
  18. Fubar1

    [BETA TESTERS] Google scraping proxies

    I understand that being a new BHW member might make you uncertain about my acceptance of your request. However, I am keen to explore this opportunity, as I manage over 20 domains with all link building executed via GSA SER. I utilize multiple copies of both GSA and Scrapebox for scraping...
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