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  1. phoenix9

    [Journey] Starting a blog with daily posts generated with ChatGPT

    why don't you monetize it through newsletter (affiliate marketing through email). much better income than adsense
  2. phoenix9

    [Announcement] Introducing: The New BHW

    Honestly i prefer the old one, maybe still not get used to it. But i found a little hard to find thread title compare to its description because of their color (soft brown and white) when scrolling/scanning fast
  3. phoenix9

    Scam 3k people for $100 vs 1 person for $300k?

    i prefer Scam 1 person for $300k and pretending i'm a robin hood without charity
  4. phoenix9

    Persona-based AI Content to Rule the SERPS! ⚡Human Edited⚡Fact Checked⚡Surfer SEO Optimized⚡

    For 1000 words, can i split to 2x500 words for email sequence?
  5. phoenix9

    Is SEO dead in 2024?

    Death, taxes, seo is dead thread every year
  6. phoenix9

    Are Tier Backlinks Good in 2024 and White Hat?

    Listen to @tazarbm and @hideath answer. You can't go wrong. Quality over quantity.
  7. phoenix9

    The Great SEO Heist of 2024

    I like your spirit in this new year. Good luck, OP!
  8. phoenix9

    3-word phrase from a homeless man made me a Millionaire

    Money loves speed. IF you know how to make money first. There you go i make it perfect phrase.
  9. phoenix9

    My AI Content Website Journey With Total Investment of $1.5

    Good luck on your journey mate
  10. phoenix9

    Here's how to powerup your guest posts and make them more powerful than PBN links

    He said this is the secret sauce lol This method has been already shared years ago here on bhw.
  11. phoenix9

    Here's why buying most PBN links is a total waste of money.

    Lol i want to answer this until i read your last part reply. Oh btw, do you see any my badge? No? Because i'm not a seller. Good luck with your propaganda! I'm out.
  12. phoenix9

    Here's why buying most PBN links is a total waste of money.

    Sorry still disagree. SEO is all about ROI. Just like any other businesses. If i need power 100, why should i build/buy power 1000? Waste of resources. Not all PBN or public BN created equal. There are people who build PBN from expired domain and strong non drop domain. They build it with...
  13. phoenix9

    Zero Conversion - Zero Form Info - High CPC - HELP?

    What? $8.5 cpc? That's really high. What ad platform do you use?
  14. phoenix9

    Here's why buying most PBN links is a total waste of money.

    The problem of building private BN is the cost. That's why people use public BN. Especially if you don't know how to calculate you ROI. And... Not all public BN is bad as you said. You just have to know which one to pick. You need 40 links for public BN to have a punch? Not really. It...
  15. phoenix9

    How I increased my Affiliate Marketing Earnings by Over 250%

    Lol reading for all of those comments. This is BHW man... And If you don't like it just skip it. Easy. Keep sharing those 'TRICKS', OP..
  16. phoenix9

    Investing 10$ every day on BTC

    Learn about price action, risk management. That's it.
  17. phoenix9

    I live off reddit but now they are banning me.

    Hey @Sanjay Dutt i thought you make a lot of money from acting? Lol
  18. phoenix9

    $Post Big Money Screenshots$ (Motivation)

    Offended? No, I just told this thread useless. Lol you don't even put your thread link in your first post. I'm out..
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