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    scam or not?

    Do you have a link to check the project ? But it sounds like scam to me.
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    Will you use binance if they start charging some monthly membership fee ?

    Will you use binance if they start charging some monthly membership fee ? I recently ditched an exchange because they have ridiculous membership fees for inactivity.
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    What online business would you start in 2024?

    On which platforms ?
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    New YT Short channel... help!

    How is your channel different from other millions of shorts channels ?
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    cryptocurrency work in future?

    12 years ago bo one would have thought that something like crypto will take over the world so future is always uncertain.
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    Dogecoin Price 8% Up today

    Even Elon has abondoned the coin. Forget about it and look for good altcoins with better promising future.
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    Billionaire arrested for crypto tax evasion

    When he comes out , he should first fire his CA and hire someone more qualified to remain safe in future.
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    Bitcoin Crossed $60k what next ?

    How are you sure that this is the last dip ? It can even go to $20000 from here. And those are ready for such a scenario and still keep investing will make highest profit in long run .
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    METHOD: Make 2k-5k Per Day Trading BTC

    How much you personally made with this method ?
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    What is cryptosuccessency ?

    You want to say that there is no answer for these queries on Google ?
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    Advice on affiliate marketing website ( with seo )?

    What specific information are you looking for ? Generic information on how to start has already been shared here multiple times.
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    Welcome to forum.
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    Today's cryptocurrency updates

    How is AI related to BTC ?
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    Meta is offering up to $5000 to high-profile creators to post to Threads.

    What is the general requirment for getting invite ? How many subscribers accounts getting this ? Is the payment monthly or just one time ?
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    Bitcoin halving happened...

    What is the point in such a celebration where you are in loss ?
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    Hi All, just joined BHW...

    Welcome to forum.
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    Good Youtube niches

    Judging by your name, you seem to be from India. Coding channel in local language can still do good, there is still some space for unique, engaging and helpful content.
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    Question for the YouTube Heads

    Unique or not will depend on level of editing done but there will not be issues like copyright because you own all videos.
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    Faceless Youtube Channel in Healthcare

    There are huge limitations to faceless channels. And in niche like medicine , it becomes even more important for trust.
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