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  1. rhino

    Auto integrate Twitter and

    socialoomph lets you put in your info so that you can use it
  2. rhino

    Wordpress CSS programming

    you can not place any 'malicious' code in css, as it only controls things like position, color, font, size, padding, etc R-
  3. rhino

    Anyone found any webhosts that load sites faster than Hostgator?

    very happy with webhostingbuzz - their 'business' hosting allows for a LOT more CPU usage without having to go to VPS. R-
  4. rhino

    Editing WP in "theme-compat" directory

    sorry, assumed that you were using wp's editing capabilities :p
  5. rhino

    Editing WP in "theme-compat" directory

    most hosts have things set up so that the folder will pass down and override the permissions. so it is likely that the folder contents are not set to be 'writeable' so you may have to temporarily set the entire 'themes' folder to 777 do your edit and then set the folder back to what it was...
  6. rhino

    About Virus Scripts

    I have had some hits with php scripts. took apart the components and submitted them individually ... what I discovered was this -> jquery IF in the 'packed' format will 99% of the time set off virus scanners as that format is similar to how some viruses are 'stored'. has now even...
  7. rhino

    Need FMBL codes + Help on which is better.

    needs to be an HTML app, not FBML ... as what I gave you is pure HTML, but assumes that you are placing it 'on' FB. (assuming you are logged into FB) a friend uses I have a aWeber subscribe working with this one...
  8. rhino

    Please Give Me an Idea about Redirecting Techniques

    if you enter/hit the sub-domain and then really FAST hit 'view source'? man! is the code crazy looking ... I think that this is way tricky stuff and far far past most of us. a script like this would not be easy to tweak unless you had access to the programmer. best to make some serious cash...
  9. rhino

    Need FMBL codes + Help on which is better.

    I would suggest that you create a 'page', which you can only do off your main 'identity' page. there are many built in apps that are NOT available in the normal pages! like discussions and sending all of your 'page' posts -> to twitter. just use one of the many 'box' or markup/html apps ... and...
  10. rhino

    free premium web hosting

    what a tool! you think that we all do not know an aff-link when we hover over it? R-
  11. rhino

    Tool for Wordpress to find out where your visitors are coming from?

    this one seems to be getting results ... though if there is a lot of traffic at the same time, it may miss a few. have NOT upgraded to wp 3.0 still on 2.9.2 ... have to make a 'donkey' blog to test out various plugins ... though I do not think...
  12. rhino

    Please Give Me an Idea about Redirecting Techniques

    I will assume that it is correct to assume that you own both the sumesh and sumesh24 (.com) domains? if you use GoDaddy? you can redirect really easily right in their control panel. NameCheap you can also do it, but it is not for the non-tech. you can set up redirects in both cPanel and...
  13. rhino

    Trying to decide on this domain. Help please

    not a bad choice, BUT keep in mind that in your example ... the 'green' in the name makes your domain only 66% relevant for "green computer screens", but 100% for the whole phase. go to google's awords tool - input "computer screens" & see what some of the top (5+ digits or best 6+) number of...
  14. rhino

    HELP! Company trying to take my Domain Name away...

    the claim is bull-shirt! 1) they have copyrighted a few letters that are PART of your domain, not the entire domain 1a) there are far too many companies that are "ABC....." cleaners, plumbers, roofing, etc .... do you hear that ABC (american broadcasting company) is out beating the hell out...
  15. rhino

    Anybody know anything about this site?

    going to checkout the 'free' level...figure that any extra links for less work is worth a look ;) - like many if these 'services' have to see just what links come in ... they may well all be from cialis sites or something:eek:. incoming crappy links are worse than too few! I DO think that it is...
  16. rhino

    paypal Dispute

    since you delivered nothing? you are not going to win the dispute...all this person has to say is something like: "I though I was getting an ebook...." best to: 1) refund the $$ and move on with better ways to spend your time 2) get rid of the 'donate' button, and offer various "$77 value"...
  17. rhino

    3 PR7 and more Than 50 PR6 Pages for Backlinks !

    why do it this way? 1)once you reveal the sites, they are not a 'secret' any longer 2) we may already know about some or all of the sites, in which case the BMarks are a plus for you and a '0' for the other side. would have been better if you had said: "here are some cool high PR sites, you...
  18. rhino

    Find New Backlinks From Spam Comments

    there is not going to be a great benefit to linking to spam pages/sites with a comment/link back. google devalues links of this type! Matt Cutts (googles spam dude) has referred to this as "linking to/from a bad neighborhood" that in mind do you have any proof of this concept working? R-
  19. rhino

    This Is My Idea and Plan, Will It Work?

    SRLee, you are onto the right mindset, but you need to expand it! before I go over what I mean? let me address the $$ issue. you should not charge less for the 3 month delivery, but more! see, you are not only charging less, but are forgetting that there will be a fee (PayPal, 2CO, etc) for...
  20. rhino

    Fucking Wordpress!

    since you did not give the exact path? I have to ask: when you unzip wordpress (for a manual install) - you get a folder titled 'wordpress' .... now did you upload THAT folder to the root of your domain OR the contents of the folder? :confused: I have seen quite a few people upload the folder...
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