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    This guy gained 127K subs by spamming YouTube comments on new videos.

    I think he is using a GPT-2 fine tuned model for sure. I have seem earlier on Reddit, I think possible at this stage, fine tuned. Possibly. Way beyond my gaming fine tuning story telling and content telling models.
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    So I just made more $$ than I ever imagined from FB...

    Lol seriously ok well I had another account and lost it ages ago and use other forums but I’m always reading here so ?? Yes this is not some bs fishy post it’s literally just seeing who has a FB watch page. Do I post pixel screen shots or website traffic results or purchase conversions in...
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    So I just made more $$ than I ever imagined from FB...

    Times have changed and a lot of people in industry are keeping things to themselves and when they are using FB pages, they tend to literally BURN THEM by posting copyrighted content.. Don't fall for the bs and some guys offline who literally abuse and use your pages while they run off with the...
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    Pinterest Marketing Software - PinDominator - Dominate Pinterest Today and Make $$$$$$

    Long time marketer here on BH and getting back in the swing of things, I want to try to use this tool on pinterest..Let me know what I need to do to review and try! Added IB on Skype!
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