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  1. lightmanshine

    My plan to make 20 million dollars

    Sounds like a game plan as long as your side hustle is legit.
  2. lightmanshine

    The Shopify Vault - Making Your Life Easier and Sites Prettier | 230+ Themes | Lifetime Access

    Im def interested in budget...looking for special tech themes...
  3. lightmanshine

    99design account??

    The site was branded for LMSCorp. Would need some compensation. Im reasonable, PM me...
  4. lightmanshine

    99design account??

    I have a verified 99Designs account i no longer use. Let me know if interested.
  5. lightmanshine

    Ive got CPark Smartlink's, any suggestions on how to make us of?

    Im registered through CPark and am complete non experienced marketer. I have several SmartLink offers on my dashboard. Dating, Sweepstakes, mobile Adult, mobile Mainstream. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to make smartest use of as newbie. Thanks, LMSCorp.
  6. lightmanshine

    Hey everybody.

    Just an introduction. Hello all, new to business online, open to any and all creative ideas/partnerships/oppurtunities, etc. for generation of and reoccuring income. Thanks, LMSCorp.
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