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    Need video marketing help - Link video on 15 video sites to YouTube video. REALLY?

    When I read about Traffic Gyser they say to link your same video on all the other sites (like Metacafe or DailyMotion) to your youtube video. Could someone tell me if this is a good strategy? If so. how? On Metacafe and DailyMotion, I can't find where to hot link out. Also, do you link it...
  2. J

    NameCheap VS Name.c0m for registars.

    Both yearly renewal rates are around $9.00 - Private WhoIs for NameCheap = $2.88 a year (first year free) - Private WhoIs for Name.c0m = Free (no charge at all) I'll be using HostGator for hosting. I would just go with Name.c0m for domain purchases because the private WhoIs is free, but...
  3. J

    Where to get .com domain cheap with whois guard

    Isn't that just for the first year? After that you start paying- But only 2.99 a year I think... Please correct me if I am wrong-
  4. J

    Wich hosting do you use?

    Hey guys- A little help please... I was planning to sign up for the baby plan with Hostgator. Does "unlimited domains," actually mean one 'primary domain,' with unlimited sub or addon domains? Hosgator suggests that this is not important, as each domain will be seen by the web as a totally...
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    Niche marketing saturated?

    *** My plan to build 586,237,680 Micro Niche Sites in 2010 *** - I will submit 256 articles a day - I will build 8,324 backlinks a day - I will submit to social bookmarking - I will build rss feeds - I will ping everything Sorry, I'm just kidding of course :) If you were to add up everyones...
  6. J

    Domain + 3 subdomains autoblogging *GENIOUS*

    Does your "ROOT DOMAIN" contain part of your Keyword phrase? :confused:
  7. J

    Domain + 3 subdomains autoblogging *GENIOUS*

    When Wordpress 3.0 comes out in March you will be able to create multiple subdomains on 1 hosting account without using MU. Imagine having lots of Niches, but only having to pay for 1 hosting account. Setting up all your plugins and themes just once...
  8. J

    Domain + 3 subdomains autoblogging *GENIOUS*

    That's interesting non-prophet- I think I'm going to find a generic .COM and try this out. Maybe a 5 or 6 letter domain. Example Niches: hxxp:// hxxp:// But then I still wonder if that "ROOT" domain is taken into account by g00gle. The OP seems...
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    Domain + 3 subdomains autoblogging *GENIOUS*

    Thanks SSL9001... and thanks for the thread badboy1 Sorry for the confusion, Let me try again: I want to buy a domain name and set up 20 subdomains on it. They will be unrelated niches. My question is: Will the main domain name be taken into account by G00gle while trying to rank my subdomains...
  10. J

    Domain + 3 subdomains autoblogging *GENIOUS*

    If I'm creating small niches with longtail keywords on sub-domains, Is the "root" domain keyword taken into account at all by google? I thought G00gle treats subdomains as separate entities. Is it not so as far as Keyword Phrase in the URL goes? If I had: hxxp:// Could I do this...
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    Subdomains: A waste of time?

    I've been reading a lot of posts about using Wordpress MU (multi-user) to create multiple niches using sub-domains on 1 hosting account. Some people say they can rank well using sub-domains by following these rules: - Do Not interlink the sub-domains. - Use unrelated niches. I understand that...
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    Brute Force SEO EVO2 is out.

    The "BUY PAGE" is pretty misleading. It's says: " 7 Day Free Trial" After you go through the trouble of signing up and giving them your email address, you end up on a page where the only option is to purchase. Pretty good tactic I guess to get you to opt-in. So yes, I now would not feel bad...
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    Brute Force SEO EVO2 is out.

    I tried to sign up for the 7 Day fee trial, but didn't receive an email. The only option I say on the last sign up page was "BUY NOW" for $157 Can you help? How did you download it? Did they email you with a link after the opt-in?
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    Multiple Youtube Profiles - Do I need a proxy?

    No.. wait... It was something like 2000 views and 50 comments. Anyway, I need to get some view somehow.:(
  15. J

    Multiple Youtube Profiles - Do I need a proxy?

    Thanks Grandslam! Since I really don't know too much about this, can I outsource some commenting safely? I've seen $15.00 for 2000 views with comments. Is this a good alternative?
  16. J

    Multiple Youtube Profiles - Do I need a proxy?

    Thanks Raygun... I appreciate the help! ...and yea, 100 account would be more than enough. I really only need about 25 Do you think adding 1 comment per account, per day would be a good strategy?
  17. J

    Multiple Youtube Profiles - Do I need a proxy?

    Thanks Multimedia! I appreciate the help... I was just looking at "Paid YT Commenting and Views" There are sites that advertise "$10.00 for 2000 views and comments" I wonder if this might be a good solution? Or is it easier to make lots of accounts and vote up your own stuff...
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    Multiple Youtube Profiles - Do I need a proxy?

    If I am commenting on my other YT videos, do I need a proxy? Or does youtube look at your IP?
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