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    From $1 to Million - Forex Journey

    Impressive. Love this as a career. It requires patience and discipline bur can be lucrative if you trade with prop firms. I admire what you're doing.
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    Should I choose copywriting as a career?

    It's an important skill so you'd have nothing to lose learning it.
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    [JOURNEY] Becoming a Real Estate Agent (Realtor) from Scratch to Earn Six-Figure Income in One Year

    Inspiring to see your progress.but real estate is pure fantasy for the inexperienced and undetermined
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    Made over $3000 in 3 days using Reddit

    Wow. And I visit reddit almost ten times a day
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    What do you like most about the Blackhatworld?

    So much info that I'm still trying to digest weeks after. And so much of it still flies over my head.
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    Had a root canal this morning

    Yuck. Sounds like a truly bad day. You have my condolences. Mine was almost as bad. My recurring illness struck again so did lots of sleeping.
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    Copywriting vault

    You're better off writing off formulas than templates
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    copywriting books considered business expense?

    I should think so. Some are just too valuable
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    How would you build LONG-TERM Income Online?

    Inspiring. Surely I can do two out of these
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    30 basic SEO tips for newbies 【Sartre's methods】

    2, 2, 2 You can't write for yourself
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    I heard interacting/commenting on posts relevant to your field helps
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    Your best tools for LinkedIn Lead Gen Game?

    Really thought LinkedIn was just 4 'recruitment'
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    After 3 years on BHW- finally some $$$

    Inspiring. I want to move up from freelancing to something I can call my own. There lots of resources here. I just need to take that step like you
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    How would you build LONG-TERM Income Online?

    I like the idea of authority blogs and e-commerce.
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    [Journey] Scaling my first ever website to 3k$ per month

    Inspiring. I'm learning lots from you. The key to any kind of success is just to start
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    How do you manage your daily blogging work?

    Outsource what you can't do yourself
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    [Method] How to write a blog for both search engine and readers

    Just thinking from the reader's perspective can solve lots of problems
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    Best writers on BHW

    When it comes to writing, you pay for what you get. I know some very fast writers. I don't know fast researchers and to write a well-researched article takes time and skill.
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    How many words can you write per day?

    For fiction I can do 10k words per day and this is after two weeks to a month of heavy research and plotting. For article writing researching, planning and outlining takes me a whole day. I like to take my time.
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    PayPal issues

    Get in line. It sounds like everyone has issues with PayPal. If we can get an alternative that's just as smooth and easy to use without the issues...
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