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  1. shade

    Wildcards in php help

    or alternatively, to see if it contains the string in the referer if(stristr($referer, "")) { redirect_or_whatever(); } else { same(); }
  2. shade

    SEO Is Hirarious Sometimes

    Yep. NAMBLA exists.
  3. shade

    Hello Guys...

    I nominate this for fail of the year. Anyone second?
  4. shade

    What's the best way to get in shape?

    Just try <insert affiliate link here> I did wonders with them!!!!!1111111 Seriously? Terrible place to ask this question.
  5. shade

    Introducing 'Knife In The Face' -a stress tool for ewhores

    THIS IS NOT ME POSING AS SOMEONE ELSE WITH A FAKE TESTIMONIAL Every since I purchased knife in the face my life has been way less stressful. I used to not be able to work for days after logging on to MSN, but now, thanks to knife in the face, I'm able to just stab them and get on with my life.
  6. shade

    Introducing 'Knife In The Face' -a stress tool for ewhores

    I would appreciate reviews. Thanks
  7. shade

    Introducing 'Knife In The Face' -a stress tool for ewhores

    Tired of all the POS SOBs that go "wave to the cam" and "make a peace sign"? Tired of the retards who think they can trick you by saying they filled in their information when they didn't? Tired of the idiots who think that you have to prove something to them and call you a scam? Tired of the...
  8. shade

    Why Is Everyone Here So Gullible?

    Why is everyone here so gullible? If someone with very few posts posts a review along the lines of "Great product -Will buy again", it is almost always automatically considered to be the marketer promoting his product. However, if that very same person were to post something like "The shit...
  9. shade

    I wanna join a forum that doesnt allow 'free' emails?

    Maybe actually purchase a domain and set up a real email?
  10. shade

    I Just Did The Dumbest Thing In History

    @popcrdom29: I used an auto Adsense insertion and forgot to change the default settings.
  11. shade

    I Just Did The Dumbest Thing In History

    I seriously did the dumbest thing in history. I have been running Adsense ads with someone else's publisher ID for a week now. I was getting pissed off at Google. "Why the fuck am I now making bank!??!?" I probably just missed out on a couple hundred bucks. Dear...
  12. shade

    Inexpensive Vacation Rent/Food/Other?

    I'm coming up on 18 now and I have about $15,000 USD stored up to move. I'm making around $3,000 USD/month. I'm not looking to further my education right now because I would rather have a house and a little life experience before I start college. I'm looking for an inexpensive place to...
  13. shade

    Cheque Scam

    I"m guessing this is the U.S.? Here's how it goes. It takes an average of seven days to clear a check in the United States. However, U.S. law requires that banks allow access to the funds within five days. Therefore, there is a two day 'float' period in which he has 'free money'. The scammer...
  14. shade

    SEO Is Hirarious Sometimes

    My friend was recently boasting about the amount of results Google shows when he Googles himself. I couldn't help myself; I created a stupid .tk site of his name (first and last), set it to redirect to NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association), SEO'd it pretty well, and submitted it to...
  15. shade

    My Mate's English Teacher -A True Blackhatter

    That's what I told him to do but he insists the site is not hers. :rolleyes:
  16. shade

    My Mate's English Teacher -A True Blackhatter

    Guess what? It IS profit. The gross was $38,400. The expenses were $15,360. Subtract $15,360 from $38,400 and you get? $15,360 Seriously, read the thread. :D
  17. shade

    My Mate's English Teacher -A True Blackhatter

    You also have to realize that she does this every year. Must be a nice addition to that teacher's salary, eh?
  18. shade

    My Mate's English Teacher -A True Blackhatter

    My mate Jacobe just got his required reading list from his teacher (he's in 12 grade). In total the list consists of twelve books, including The Scarlet Letter, Of Mice And Men, etc.. There is a huge header on the list that warns that you must have the exact volume mentioned, and that if you...
  19. shade

    Yicora is a scammer

    $70 doesn't matter? He made it and it was scammed. It matters.
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