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  1. mangobajito

    [GIVEAWAY] $100 Loaded Bing Ads Account

    It will really help me. Count me in.
  2. mangobajito

    Top Quality YouTube Absolute Retention Views Other Quality Social Media Services

    Order : 21672 one of my video got deleted (even before start of the views). problem is from my end. can u cancel dis and compensate ? is it possible.
  3. mangobajito

    Top Quality YouTube Absolute Retention Views Other Quality Social Media Services

    I can't see the picture on first page. if u dont mind, can u ping me your website link. Is paypal is the only payment option for your service? Edit: ok got it, added money to the account successfully. Looking forward.
  4. mangobajito

    Acquired farm land.. need your ideas

    Raise honeybee . Profitable venture
  5. mangobajito

    Amazon conversion rate 700%! [funny method with proof and help needed

    Any clue on finding the import sites, Not getting any idea of that particular keyword to search in G
  6. mangobajito

    Earn 0.3-1 BTC daily without spending anything

    Because I love BTC Because I love Mining Because I love Cryptocurrency Because I love blah blah ----------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- All the above mentioned points are bull shit Who will miss dis golden opportunity. I need some f**king money
  7. mangobajito

    My Journey to motivate myself - [CPA/PPI]

    Day 1 1) For first site nothing has been done, Site is in 5th postion 2) Posted 35+ posts and created 5 backlinks manualy for site 2 3) PPI Not yet started, (YT videos) Earnings from Site 1 3.38$ To Do 1) Should make blog related to site 1 and get some backlinks to it 2) From tomm...
  8. mangobajito

    My Journey to motivate myself - [CPA/PPI]

    Fake files, Thank you
  9. mangobajito

    My Journey to motivate myself - [CPA/PPI]

    My target is to reach 100$/day My earnings are very little as of now. Those earnings are from a site which was ranked on page 1, I got 1st spot but some other guy outranked my site which dropped my earnings. What to DO : My daily task Outrank the other guy's website and make dis site to...
  10. mangobajito

    [STARTING] My journey with the 7878 method

    Good Luck mate You have mentioned that "opened a company" Do u mean that you started company legally? Without a company, If we send letters from our residential address will it be a problem?
  11. mangobajito

    Dr Strange-PBN and how I learned to stop worrying and love Google

    Maybe lame question If a PBN site penalized, then all the links in that site also get affected or not?
  12. mangobajito

    Anybody received such blackmailing emails?

    How about starting a campaign like dis?
  13. mangobajito

    content locking network with daily payments? anyone?

    Why not 6hrs payment?
  14. mangobajito

    My Bing PPC Journey (First Journey!)

    Hey mate can you post the conversation between u and bing support? If u think it would be any problem for u, u can PM me.. Thanks
  15. mangobajito

    IM Journey After 2 Years (Exploit Style)

    Good luck mate. Reading your old threads now. Will follow dis closely
  16. mangobajito

    My Bing PPC Journey (First Journey!)

    It makes me scary I think it is better to buy old account and continue with it
  17. mangobajito

    My Journey to 50$ a day with PPI.

    Will follow dis closely I have no time to do dis now But going to start ppi soon, Probably a journey thread too
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