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    Jv with seo/web developer for a service company

    Well I don't want to give out my niche in a public forum, but it is a writing site. I am after usa target audience. It is a service company with a website that is on go daddy at this time. what I need is an seo expert and webdesigner to bring in more traffic. Currently no Seo has...
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    Jv with seo/web developer for a service company

    Hey all, Not sure how to go about looking for a joint venture with a web developer/ seo expert. I currently have a website and we sale a service. The service is geared to USA clients and may extend to Canada, and who knows what the future holds. It is small now and I don't want to go...
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    Contextual link bonanza - high quality juiced up contextual links - grab free reviews!

    If you have any more 50% offs pm me and I will take it.
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    [FREE] Backlinks Daily (Well, Almost)

    Sorry for the stupid question but I have looked at a bunch of these sites and am unsure how to make it work as a backlink. Do I add a comment with my url? This looks like an awesome list..
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    looking for someone to create clickable links using photobucket or image shack

    looking for someone to create clickable image links using photobucket or image shack. Maybe you have photobucket blaster and know how to do this. If not image shack is another option as you don't have to create accounts. I am looking for someone that can do at least 60+ of these about once...
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    Web site help with go daddy website tonight template

    I am looking for someone who can help with my website. It is on goddady using the website tonight template. I really just want to see if I can add in a few more contact line items, and a few other things. If you can make the site look better that would be awesome. this is a temp...
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    looking for seo content writers , english, hand written

    thank you for the e-mail, but unfortunately wiring money is not an option for me. I can pay by credit or paypal. If anyone with excellent english grammar that understands article writing for seo purposes, and has knowledge in article submission please let me know. I am willing to pay...
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    looking for seo content writers , english, hand written

    Tony, How is your search going. I am also looking for excellent english writers that can write quality, with proper grammer and punctuation for ezine articles. I am willing to pay more than the $2 to $3 writers I see advertising their services on this board. Quality is most important here!!
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    Need some payroll advice

    It may be cheaper in the beginning, however if you don't complete all the state and federal reports that are required quarterly and yearly you will be fined additional money. If you lack the complete funds to pay all the taxes on payroll you will incur additional fines + interest on amounts...
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    Filing a Schedule C question

    You can buy the software taxact online for less than $10 or $18 if you need state included. It will run a schedule c for you. If you don't have anything complicated with your business such as Merchandise you hold (COGS) or anything else that is complicated, then I would recommend using...
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    anyone know if this guy is still around. I paid for work a while back and had to put it on hold as I was out for a long time. He was ready to start when I paid, but life got a hold of me, and it is my fault for waiting. now, i don't seem able to reach him anymore. Maybe this is my lesson...
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    Yahoo Answer Services

    Okay, i purchased one yahoo account about 2 hrs ago. your reply in how to pay was really quick. How long does it take to get the account? I will also leave feedback after I get it and a few weeks of working with it on how it performed.
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    E-mail password hacker needed

    sorry, this was dumb request. I thought since this was black hat that Maybe, but I was wrong. Does anyone know where to go for this?
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    E-mail password hacker needed

    Hello, I am looking for someone that knows how to hack a password for G-mail. I am not out to hurt anyone, I have a business partner, whom I think stole all my clients. Can anyone help??
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    Want to hire an experienced craigslist poster

    I was wondering how this would work since the section is removed. Definitely not going to work as well, because now you have no idea who is good, has good feedback, and knows what they are doing. I am guessing you picked some one that is new and or couldn't do the job. I too would...
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    Rotate Proxy Servers In Firefox

    Isn't Proxy firewall only for Internet explorer. I like the way proxy firewall works without complications, but only on internet explorer. I use use multi proxy switch for firefox.
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    Short course writer needed!!!$$$$$

    I am sorry, this should have never been written and I can not figure out how to completely delete this message.
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    WANTED: Socail Network Pro

    I am bumping this thread as I am also interested in finding someone that can help me build and teach or run twitter for traffic. I think twitter is the better one, but am not sure. This leads me to another question, which one is better for traffic, facebook, twitter or something else?
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    So i got #1 on google for 7,370,000 results in 20 min.

    That is what I thought. It can sometimes take a month or even longer. Never heard of hours!! Plus it looks like the OP might be gone, as he has not responded in a very long time.
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    Want to use dial up to post on CL...but can't get a lanline at the house I'm staying at

    I am in the same predicament... wanting dial up using a dsl. I actually talked with magic jack for about an hour trying to explain what I wanted. When the operator finally understand my insane request, he explained to me that it wouldn't work. This would be the same for vonage. would...
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