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  1. seosutra

    What is better? Micro Niche Finder VS Market SAMURAI

    use MNF for the intial drill as in the interface you can see all the keywords, and then once you get a fair idea, then MS is great pin pointer. I cant live without MS, but MNF is great to have !
  2. seosutra

    1000 FREE Fans from US or UK!

    I am in ~
  3. seosutra

    UK Web Hosting - pls recommend

    Dear BHWhathers, had used eUK hosting and those idiots dint mail when the account expired. I paid 29GBP for 1 year shared plan with 2GB bandwith transfer. Since, I plan to host UK domains, please help me with some good UK based server hosting site, and also not way...
  4. seosutra

    My Successful AMR List [around 250] AA

    Thank you mate, make a log of all your post very religiously. Will now need to tools to post them there automatically. Any recommendations on that which works best with the list ? Thanks again for the effort.
  5. seosutra

    Blog Comment Demon Software worth it?

    @ayash, how much do they charge for each upgrade ?
  6. seosutra

    Choosing Category in Bookmarking Demon

    I go that ebook, if anyone needs it, pm me!
  7. seosutra

    RBI F*cks Indians again -Entropay to close in India

    Due to changes in laws and regulations by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), we can no longer offer our plastic MasterCard to users in India. Unfortunately, these changes require us to cancel your EntroPay Plastic MasterCard effective 17th May 2011. Please use any remaining funds on your...
  8. seosutra

    Congrats on 2000 Posts Ericsson!

    Ericisson is been a great hero ( bad guys' good guy type ) here :)
  9. seosutra

    India merchant processing

    reading the moneybrookers, it seems it you cant avail the plastic card ( like Entropy ) for India and hence cant withdraw money - Suckers !
  10. seosutra

    need working godaddy renewal code

    i tried them too yesterday but alas non worked. Not even the 10 percent off - I guess nearing the dates of renewal the codes dont work ;(
  11. seosutra

    "PP" Screw You India

    As part of our commitment to provide a high level of customer service, we would like to give you a 30-day advance notice on changes to our user agreement for India. With effect from 1 March 2011, you are required to comply with the requirements set out in the notification of the Reserve Bank...
  12. seosutra

    ~Adwords Vouchers $50, $75, $100, €50, €75, €100, £50, £75, £100~Facebook $50~Paypal Only~

    extreme are you selling 100USD ? I am from india ? do i need to PM you before paying via PP ?? Cheers
  13. seosutra


    there existed a section but now its removed. Plese refrain from asking more question on this anymore as there are many more better ways of doing it. Enjoy your stay -
  14. seosutra

    NEVER Pay For Gas or Electricity Again!

    Thanks to Internet and IM that we can work from home. This helps to evade the collosol bull shit of depending on car and transport which spike up the prices. My dream is to stay by the sea, - fish and grow veggies and earn money through IM !
  15. seosutra

    What is a good video creation/editing software?

    do a search before u discuss here - there are many threads on the same !
  16. seosutra

    Software to check ranking?

    AWT or MS ! Job done
  17. seosutra

    Revolutionary Cable Leak @ WikiLEAKS

    Good sense of humor !!
  18. seosutra

    I'm done! I've made my millions in this field

    you made me smile - so thanks ! btw there is always a world where you can get to milk with words !!
  19. seosutra

    $20 1 year Unlimited Hosting + 2 FREE Domain

    Thanks was the existing code by default, put MAX20 and check if works, support sucks man. If I move my domain name to other hosting, will I be still eligible for refund ( which is under 30 days )
  20. seosutra

    $20 1 year Unlimited Hosting + 2 FREE Domain

    cant believe it guys, the sales chat window was open for 20 mins and there is no one answer -- with this can u guss the time they will make it for tech support - I plan to ask for refund -- Welcome to the Netfirms Live Sales Chat! A Sales Representative will assist you shortly. All Sales...
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