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  1. JoxM

    Cloaking Adsense (very blackhat theorycraft)
  2. JoxM

    Cloaking Adsense (very blackhat theorycraft)

    3 years ago I used a system called "Trafico Sensei", created by Esteban Leon. It was a very advanced cloacking. I personally last 7 months, in which I get more than 6000$. Until the account was blocked and now I can not use Adsense.
  3. JoxM

    Instagram E-Mail Scraper?

    Check this tool
  4. JoxM


  5. JoxM

    i wana be like you guys ''

    You will have to be consistent and read a lot. Seeking life on the internet is "easy" if you are constant and dedicated.
  6. JoxM

    How can I start making more money with $400

    Invest in creating a blog, creating content, buying backlincks and using adsense. To this you can add SEO on page or pull blackhat and cloacking to generate profits. The latter is complicated and not always effective. But with $ 400 I would create a blog of a specific niche and pay for quality...
  7. JoxM

    [FREE] Python Bots - Xvideos/Tumblr - Ask for more

    Woow friend they look really good those codes. I also do bots. A greeting and congratulations!
  8. JoxM

    Doubt to post my software

    Hello friends. I've been running applications for Windows for several years now. I like to create all kinds of bots and automation programs. I currently have a small website where I sell my programs and I also have one free. I would like to know if it is legal in the forum to create a post...
  9. JoxM

    Earn bit coin very easy

    Try to join a pool, but this is very slow and not profitable. You can also offer some kind of service and offer bitcoin as payment method.
  10. JoxM

    I have a method to msg thousands of gamers.

    g2a affiliate men, do not hesitate to try it!
  11. JoxM

    Hi, I am new here.

    Welcome friend, I do not take much here either. But I like it!
  12. JoxM

    AdsAche - Do you know him?

    Hi. No, they do not pay. It is a SCAM network. Over 500 dollars in my account that have not paid me ... it will be almost 3 months ... Do not use this network. I do not understand how something like that works. Somebody throw it down !!! Damn!
  13. JoxM

    AdsAche - Do you know him?

    Hello friends. I've been making some money with this company for a few days. It works quite well, but I do not know if it's reliable. I do not find much information on the internet about them. I wanted to know if anyone has worked with them. I can not leave links and I do not know how to do...
  14. JoxM

    Hello from Spain!

    Woow, many thanks to all for the welcome!
  15. JoxM

    Hello from Spain!

    Hello friends! My name is Jose. I am a programmer and webmaster, I love the black world and I like to make contributions. You will see me often here. A greeting from the Costa del Sol, Spain!
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