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  1. Whome

    How the heck I got hacked?

    You probably got your cookie stolen, its like the hacker got a the same copy of browser as you are if its indeed then its not only instagram that is compromise all browser logins including Gmail, Youtube, Twitter and other sites that have your session cookies they can access.
  2. Whome

    Darker than BlackHat : What is this method?

    These is the same kind of spam that killed my niche, soon those legit sites will have their indexed pages reduced to smithereens a collateral damage when G try to combat these spams. In my niche G reduces the number of search results resulting in lost keywords and yet these spammers still...
  3. Whome

    Anyone know how this newly created page gets sponsored?

    Page says is currently not running ads.
  4. Whome

    Anyone know how this newly created page gets sponsored?

    Seen quite a lot of newly created pages popping out as sponsored, they are not running ads. Is this normal?
  5. Whome

    Semrush is pounding my server with 100k requests a day, beware of semrush, block them

    I use cloudflare to block them, they can really be annoying if you have a site with millions of pages they will eat up your resources.
  6. Whome

    Buy Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok Services at - Support online 24/7

    I can have a test balance please. username: whome101
  7. Whome

    The End of Youtube Shorts Spamming

    I tested the other day with 5 channels with 50 shorts each, and 3 took off with as much views as 5K.. cant replicate it since..LOL
  8. Whome

    Got 5k+ subscribers in less than 24h, how to avoid the ban?

    If you upload beyond your limits i.e you are supposed to only upload 10 but uploaded 100, then you are in trouble they know even if you you delete all videos.. tried it they will remove channel even if its empty..
  9. Whome

    The End of Youtube Shorts Spamming

    They definitely change something, not getting views like I used to.
  10. Whome


    Can I get a review test balance please...thanks! username: whome101
  11. Whome

    This video is gonna go viral - 23% CTR

    is this shorts?
  12. Whome

    [Giveaway] aws rdp windows

    Please spare one..thanks
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