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    ⏩✪Premium PBN Setup Service With ZERO Footprints✪⏪[BOOST YOUR RANK WITH YOUR PBNS]‎⏫⏫

    OP just completed another 11 sites for me, and they're every bit as good as the 1st batch. 3rd order being lodged shortly.
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    [AMA] Everything about PBN building and using

    From your response "and you have your own MainWP" I can see you've never looked at MWP. If only running several hundred blogs was that easy as "auto updating" As for dropcatching, why do you need a team? All you need is you, I do it day in day out... add domains you'd like to try and catch that...
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    [AMA] Everything about PBN building and using

    Not sure what you think would be an issue using MainWP to manage sites. If MainWP disappeared overnight it wouldn't would affect your sites in any way, other then you'd have to go back to keeping track of sites in a spreadsheet, and updating/changing each site manually. Or using much more...
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    [AMA] Everything about PBN building and using

    If you have a large number of sites, I'd recommend using MainWP to manage them. It's free to use, and makes it a breeze to change themes/plugins and to keep sites updated and backed up. There's also a host of addons, free & paid, but a monthly sub for all paid addons is less than $20. I've used...
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    ⏩✪Premium PBN Setup Service With ZERO Footprints✪⏪[BOOST YOUR RANK WITH YOUR PBNS]‎⏫⏫

    Placed 2nd order Transaction ID: 9N396988C4585035F
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    ⏩✪Premium PBN Setup Service With ZERO Footprints✪⏪[BOOST YOUR RANK WITH YOUR PBNS]‎⏫⏫

    Review: I ordered 3 PBN setups, and at the same time ordered from 2 other services, to compare. The first service (more expensive) delivered, but while OK'ish, nothing special and very poor communication. With the second cheaper service, I'm still waiting on the job to be delivered. But this...
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    PBN Creation Service - Affordable Prices ❣️ PBN PRO ❣️

    Transaction ID: 9UU57732DC034771W Thanks
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    Require a Coder to Create Web Based WP Blog Poster

    I'm looking for a competent coder (open to any language) to develop a Linux hosted solution for posting out (xlmrpc) to a Wordpress based PBN. I envisage this project being done in stages. The first stage is to create a bare bones web based Blog poster that does the following: Accepts input...
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    Wordpress PBN Blog Posting Software

    I use MainWP to manage my several hundred sites, and it's the best out there for that IMO, especially as free, but has limited PBN posting/tracking management options/capabilities. As do all the other offerings. I've been thinking of hiring a coder to perhaps knock something up that hooks into...
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    Wordpress PBN Blog Posting Software

    Hi, does anyone know of any software (Desktop, Server or Cloud) with at the minimum, the following features that allows me to post to multiple self-hosted WP blogs: * Accepts spintaxt in article body & title * Accepts html in article e.g embeds * ability to easily select multiple blogs to post...
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    Require a Search & Replace Command using SED + Regex

    Hi, need a working command to recursively remove and/or replace text in all files named "xxx.php" in multiple directories on server. The position of the line of text varies in each file, so line number cannot be used. $tg_link = '<a href="' . esc_url( '' ) . '"...
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    How I Made a $2,200+ with Simple Amazon Affiliate Site? Little Success Guide to Motivate Newbies

    It mightn't sound much individually, but if you have multiple sites it soon adds up. I have a client that I send links to, that has 150 sites. Suffice to say he's doing OK :)
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    Require PHP coder for a script to remove dupes...with a difference

    I have a script that retrieves posts on my blogs. It retrieves them as a list, from a hundred or so blogs. As the blogs have various themes, often the script will retrieve two, perhaps three different urls from same blog. I want a scrip created that can remove the shortest dupe domain url...
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    INSTANTLINKINDEXER.COM - Next Generation Link Indexing Service [IMMEDIATE RESULTS]

    So this guarantee still stands? - "The best part is I GUARANTEE about 40% - 50% Indexing rate within the first 10-30 minutes!"
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    Binance's Community Vote - Feb 2018 - Concluded

    it's only $200k to list on Binance isn't it?
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    BTC drop: everything you need to know

    Interesting assumption based on past data says that the next ATH for BTC will be sometime in 2020 Q1
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    BTC drop: everything you need to know

    whistling out my arse here..... but I'd surmise a lot of traditional investors must have looked on in envy at the rise of BTC to the levels it did. Nothing in the traditional finance mkts gave those sort of returns in such a short time, without risking margin at least . I bet they'd love a...
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    My current Crypto purchase

    I appreciate the insight into others trading, thanks OP
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