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  1. xasjmak

    Is Jasper worth it?

    Jasper makes a major contribution, especially to article writers. Regrettably, at this time, jasper cannot replace the creativity of human writing. Jasper significantly accelerates article writing, but it cannot as of now replace human brain.
  2. xasjmak

    ❇️ Already Earn $100K+✅ Auto Blogging Site Build Service ⏩ Pure GPT-3 AI ❇️ Rank Guide❌50% OFF ❇️ Review Copy

    AI BUSTER I want to see an sample of a websites done by this service..
  3. xasjmak

    ⭐GET Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins⚡FESTINGERVAULT.COM ❤️Automatic Updates | Bulk Downloads | VirusTotal Reports ➡️ REGISTER FOR A BONUS!⚜️

    Hi, i'd like to get ONE MONTH FREE MEMBERSHIP! of please send me invitation code. thanks
  4. xasjmak

    Can I make money here?

    If anyone can make money here you can too. You just need to find right tool based on your interest and skill.
  5. xasjmak

    How to recover entire website from archive?

    I also want to know what tool too recover content from automatically i found domrecovery but it is expensive if only need to backup 1 website.
  6. xasjmak

    Any bloggers who earn through gaming blogs/vlogs?

    OP!, You've got a premium guide for free, now your turn... can you take action ? perfect guide without action is nothing.
  7. xasjmak

    New nobbie help

    yes you are able to use vpn to create account. Almost all email account need phone verification, gmail sometimes don't required to verify using phone number in some case. there are still email account that do not need phone verification protonmail is one example, you can optionally use other...
  8. xasjmak

    How to Check Domain Authority?

    i personally suggest you to use, you'll love it. There are 7 day trial plan for $7.
  9. xasjmak

    In on month , how many web 2.0 parasites should i make (maximum) for my movie site

    "build a lot" of high authority parasites, rank them. make a backlink when it already rank.
  10. xasjmak

    Is it possible to make $2000 in a month with $1000 investment doing CPA?

    if you're new to paid traffic, then you will burn that money for "failed online marketing experience". but if you have enough learning, it would be different story, even $100 can be $1000 and $1000 can be $10000. learn, make a good plan and action!
  11. xasjmak

    [Method] How to find unlimited low-competition affiliate keywords for free

    This is the best guide i found more importantly very easy to replicate. You world flow like water... Thank you
  12. xasjmak

    Best prices for backlinks?

    Try quality backlink first then measure the impact to your website it takes time. better to hire seo agency to automate everything
  13. xasjmak

    [NEWBIE GUIDE] How To Get Free Content

    the previous owner of expired domain probably forget or abandon that website using their content is 80% safe, reclaiming content from previous owner will not happen.
  14. xasjmak

    Question about GSA Blast’s

    if your site has enough authority, than blasting gsa will have some good effects on ranking. GSA blast still work if we build it carefully, try blasting to parasites hosts first before to your money site.
  15. xasjmak

    How is panic over coronavirus affecting you?

    There is no effect for me, as i always work at home long before coronavirus outbreak good news is i still make money
  16. xasjmak

    List of OFF-Page Activities

    how old is the list you shared ? btw, thanks for that.
  17. xasjmak

    [QUESTION] Ranking Images on SE

    that will increasing probability of ranking of those keywords some will some will not rank
  18. xasjmak

    XEvil free and XEvil paid..

    xevil can run only with xrumer in sametime. it can solve captcha and re-captcha from another program and different computer.
  19. xasjmak

    Is a deranked Website Can Still Be Rank in the Future?

    i experienced deindexed my website, i ignore website - then delete hosting. in next few month i rebuild website for that domain, then it is indexed normally. so if your website is now deranked, ofcourse it can be ranked in near future depending on many factors.
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