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  1. jamunkala

    Angela Paul Backlinks Service Dirt Cheap Price + Free Edu & Social Bookmarking Link

    the packages 1,2 and 3 are available for adult site ?
  2. jamunkala

    |Manual|Angela and Paul backlinks service from 5$|Cheapest|PR3+|Boost SERP|

    hello, how do i make abuy bronze package ? for an adult celebrity site
  3. jamunkala

    Facebook is #1 According to Alexa and Google is #2

    Mark Zuckerberg me and market.
  4. jamunkala

    Facebook is #1 According to Alexa and Google is #2

    Most popular social networking website, Facebook has just beaten Google and it is now ranked number one in Alexa ranking, which means people are viewing more pageviews on Facebook than Google. Alexa ranks website according to their daily traffic. is now ranked number 2.
  5. jamunkala

    What happens if you remove a 301 redirect?

    Even if the penalty carries over after a few weeks, it also go away after a few weeks.
  6. jamunkala

    [HELP] New Forum Sandboxed due to Posting very Fast

    Hello, My New forum is sandboxed due to posting more than a thousand posts daily (copying and pasting from other forums) . Not that i was getting traffic before and now it is sandboxed, but it seems it never took off as far as traffic is concerned. It happened to my earlier forum as well, but...
  7. jamunkala

    How do I get my site to index like this in google?

    google will automatically do it... one day.
  8. jamunkala

    How fast did you get indexed ?

    I have registered a domain and got indexed in less than 2 hours, i tweeted and it got indexed in tweetmeme thus making google to index it quickly.
  9. jamunkala

    5 Free Authority BlogPosts x PR3

    Im in thanks :)
  10. jamunkala

    [Free] Free Private Network Blog Post Pr2 to Pr6 For You All

    If a spot is left count me in, or reply its over. Thanks
  11. jamunkala

    Anyone using Adbrite?

    You can get your cheque reissued, like i did. Also if your ads get more clicks and less views than you earn more with adbrite.
  12. jamunkala

    Free [Scrapebox] .edu Blast for Everyone

    I have pm'ed you :)
  13. jamunkala

    I launched a new tech blog its not generating a good income please help me

    He mean 5k visitors from search engines daily.
  14. jamunkala

    Does anyone use a VPS with im software on it?

    what about extremeseotools, are they good at service ?
  15. jamunkala

    20 keywords give away 1k+ us searches & CPC above $1 & EMD available

    Keyword recieved with about 2000 Exact Local Searches and cpc 0.90$ Thankyou
  16. jamunkala

    [giveaway]Free 20 likes on your Fb fan page Thanks :)
  17. jamunkala

    20 keywords give away 1k+ us searches & CPC above $1 & EMD available

    Please send the Keyword to me also :)
  18. jamunkala

    find high PR blogs without tools

    Yes, there are ways you can search them on google or at bhw, also you can wait till someone post such a fresh list here or check old lists.
  19. jamunkala

    Optimising for regional variation of keyword

    Google Claiming to be new Albert Einstein and only we know there was Newton before him and Stephen Hawkings after him.
  20. jamunkala

    Free Unlimited Unique Content - The Radio Method

    And you never heard about television, documentaries, discovery channel - create mega articles.
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