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    Best Affiliate Network With Fast Approval?

    not sure if you're a bot or just useless... anyway...
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    Best Affiliate Network With Fast Approval?

    I'm using clickbank for AM, but i want to sign up to some other networks and i see most of them require lots of stuff from me (like which other networks i'm using, names and affiliate manager names from those networks, etc). I run ads and blast emails (i have some big lists) and i never had...
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    Youtube JV - My content plus your traffic 50/50

    i don't understand - you have a method to rank #1 but you are looking for traffic?
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    [JV] My Tiktok shops + your product and little to no marketing

    you can create shops but who will drive the traffic to the shops?
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    Reels get very low impressions, any idea why?

    you say low competition - low competition for what? proper caption - what does that mean?
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    Reels get very low impressions, any idea why?

    it's the same content - 6 images uploaded separately (as an image post) vs a video slideshow made out of the same 6 images.
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    Reels get very low impressions, any idea why?

    it's a reel made of images, same images i post separately as image posts... so content is the same, but reach / impressions are not (so it's not about the actual content, but the content format)
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    Reels get very low impressions, any idea why?

    I see pages where reels have tons of likes / shares etc (compared to simple image / text posts). I post a reel i get 50 impressions in 1 hr. I post a photo, i get 400 impressions in 1hr. Any idea why?
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    ClickBank Really Bad Conversions - Any Help Appreciated

    I'm running some FB ads (10% CTR) - to a pre-lander (tried multiple thing here : long form, short form, email collect to email details) - CTR is around 20-30% (or opt in if i'm doing email collects) - i got 200 hops, 3 initial impressions and 0 sales. My ads are good, my landing / pre sell /...
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    Expired Domains - Best metrics to look for?

    what is domain rating? how is it measured? why domain age? is a 7yo domain with no links better than a 1yo domain with good links?
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    Expired Domains - Best metrics to look for?

    I'm looking to buy some expired domains - and at first glance, i don't know exactly what metrics are still relevant. I'm looking at DA (moz) but i know it's total crap - domains with 50+ da have SemRush authority of less than 5. Similar thing for Majestic TF (which is usually a bit lower) but...
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    ⛔ The Last Journey ⛔ 【AI Takeover】 The Quest of Building a Fully Autonomous Site Generator ❤️ Passive Income on Autopilot — Let's GO! ❤️

    who (you or the bot) is selecting the topic for each article? and how are you actually doing your KW research? you use only those PAA keywords or what? where do those embeddings come into play when it comes to KW research and selection?
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    PBN Setup Question

    I'm looking to set up a PBN for my own use, i had one in the past (5-6 yrs ago) but sold the whole thing as i did not have any more interest in SEO at that time. Questions : - hosting - is it still important? one domain per IP? only A / B / C class ips? what's currently the cheapest and most...
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    Selling Linkedin accounts

    still available? please send me a pm with a sample account, i want to check it's quality
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    BUY IPv6 PROXY ✅ For Google, Social Media, etc. ✅ Bulk Purchase ✅ 1000x IPv6 = 10$ - 500x IPv6 = 7$ ✅

    is there any sample or trial available for ipv6 US proxies? i would like to try them out first
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    ⚠️❗Just $0.80/IP! Unlimited Data ISP Proxies | Powered by AT&T & Sprint | Zero Fraud Score | VIRGINIA USA IPs | Ultra-Responsive Speeds | 100GBPS ⚠️⚠️

    i want a discount - also are these real residential proxies? any trial available (1 proxy, 1 day)
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    ❇️ Already Earn $100K+✅ Auto Blogging Site Build Service ⏩ Pure GPT-3 AI ❇️ Rank Guide❌50% OFF ❇️ Review Copy

    i'd like a review copy as well and some website examples, i might buy the largest package if all is good
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