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  1. SuperBlackHat

    Paypal fuckers stole 2k usd from me!!!

    as they are not a bank, they don't operate under banking laws. Thats why they can fuck users the way they do with no recourse. They also likely make money off your funds when they do that, so they have mucho incentive to fuck you over. Your best transferring big money out of paypal to ur bank...
  2. SuperBlackHat

    SIMPLY SCRAPEBOX Absolute CHEAPEST Scrapebox Blog Comments on BHW - Starting at $2!!

    Please provide your skype and email info. If not publicly, then send me a PM. Thanks
  3. SuperBlackHat

    Looking for web designers for regular work

    Whats your typical budget when you say "please nothing silly"?
  4. SuperBlackHat

    [FREE]50+ Pinterest Followers

    waitin on my invite. ill holla as soon as i do
  5. SuperBlackHat

    Pinning Is Definitely Winnin' - Pinterest Money Making

    ima give pinterest some serious interest :-}
  6. SuperBlackHat

    Well Researched Easy to Rank keywords *Cheapest Price *Easily monetizable *EMD Available!

    Might have to get on and give this guy a shot all the favorable reviews i see
  7. SuperBlackHat

    Site Flipping JV - EASY MONEY - I DO THE WORK

    sounds like an intriguing offer
  8. SuperBlackHat

    Raising Money on Kickstarter?

    im gonna try my hand at kickstarter and see what success i have
  9. SuperBlackHat

    Who lives in Switzerland?

    Im thinking of taking a vacation there in the next couple of months. Hoping I can get some feedback from the locals on how it is and where I should visit before I make my trip to make the best of my time there. Be cool for only Swiss residents to reply and tell me :-)
  10. SuperBlackHat

    What are the tools needed for mass emailing?

    El_SEo, if i buy your app, what else is required bare minimum to start banking $$$? Lets assume the first thing im starting off from zero with is your app.
  11. SuperBlackHat

    NEVER buy proxies again! One of a kind proxy software, FREE trial! Proxy Multiply

    seems promising enough i might just take that trial spin
  12. SuperBlackHat

    Build A $5,000+ A Month Consulting Business

    seems interesting enough
  13. SuperBlackHat

    Jr.VIP - Banned for life Paypal.. HOW?!

    Because paypal dosent operate under any banking laws, they're basically free to fuck around with your money however they see fit....hold it, steal it, delay it, etc. They need to be put in their place someway, somehow.
  14. SuperBlackHat

    how to send 1000 emails from one email address safely?

    does using mailchimp mean theyll hit the inbox?
  15. SuperBlackHat

    4 Hour Method to $x,xxx * [noob friendly]

    hell of an idea buddy.
  16. SuperBlackHat

    Anyone know of a good bulk email server

    im going to try some of what ive read here. Ill report back my results.
  17. SuperBlackHat

    [UPDATE] Method update AMZ

    this is some interesting stuff indeed to say the least
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