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    I need blackhat FB advertiser

    Seriously no one? This is blackhat forum lol
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    I need blackhat FB advertiser

    My niche is in online poker. I am looking for a blackhat FB advertiser to create and manage my campaigns
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    Referral Link Problem (No Link)

    I advertise on Facebook for people to join my Poker club on the app PokerBros. The problem is they have to put a club ID and then a referral ID because I'm an agent for the club. I could see a lot of people just not putting anything and registering. If I had a special referral link it would set...
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    Hiring SMM/ad expert (Poker industry)

    I am looking for someone who is an expert at social media marketing, digital marketing, etc. I am a partner with someone who has a large poker club. We need someone that can set up an advanced campaign and offer other options where we can advertise. I also need 3 facebook accounts with the max...
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    KILLERS.TV Domain // Worth Anything?

    I own the domain I had it appraised on Godaddy for 12 - 15K. This domain could be used for a Movie/TV Show, or for a variety of different markets. The term "killers" has 2,740,000 searches monthly. It has 50 - 150 browser type-in's monthly.
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    I need 5 high quality banners

    No one came make me banners? Why does no one ever responds to my threads....
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    Is my traffic rank decent?

    I own the website MyCamProfile Dot Com. The website was launched a little less than 2 months ago. Alexa Rank: 753,073 US Rank: 109,133 Those are my stats. Lowering around 50,000 every few days. Is this pretty good?
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    Seeking someone to help me sell 200K MSN e-mails

    I have 200K (at live dot com) email addresses that I need to sell. They are all male, verified, have USA names, and were created manually. All of the passwords are the same. If you can help me sell these please PM me. I am willing to sell them for pretty cheap. I will give a good percent of the...
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    I need 5 high quality banners

    I run an adult webcam model/agent recruiting site. I need 5 banners for my agents to use for advertisements for my site. I have a low budget right now so the cheapest wins and I will guarantee larger work in the future. Dimensions: 468 x 60 Dimensions: 624 x 80 Thanks! /edit I will provide...
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    The Truth About

    I would use MoneyTree I have worked for them for over 3 years and never had any problems and have had very high payouts.
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    Need someone to flip my site

    I am needing someone to flip my site The website is undeveloped. It receives around 50 - 200 browser type ins monthly. I will give you 30%.. possibly 40% of the total sale. This website would be GREAT for a movie/TV site or promotion, fan site, or anything related to "killers"...
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    MyCamProfile Webcam Model Affiliate Program!

    Added 6 more agents from BHW! If you could please post your progress here I would appreciate it!
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    MyCamProfile Webcam Model Affiliate Program!

    Excuse me? All of my members are above 18 years old. That is the legal age. This is verified before their profiles go up. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of my website. Also I explicitly tell you that this is an adult website. Are you kidding me?
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    MyCamProfile Webcam Model Affiliate Program!

    3 Agents signed up so far from BHW!
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    Seeking SEO Guru

    I think I am choosing "keyboard" for this project. He hasn't started work yet. Send me your contact info in a PM if you have an offer for me. I now have changed my direction with keywords!
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    Buying PS Ebay account!

    I am looking to buy or rent a powerseller Ebay account. I will be selling thousands of products monthly. I can offer a percentage each sale if we have a rental agreement or I can buy it out-right from you. Requirements: PowerSeller Status No limit on how much it can sell monthly or very high...
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    Buying PS Ebay account!

    Due to problems with the site it posted my thread twice.. sorry!
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    Seeking Partnership for my company (SEO Expert)

    I'm sorry I meant to post this in the "Hire a Freelancer" section if someone could move it. Thanks!
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