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    [PANDA PROOF] SUPERNOVA 2.0 : A Galaxy of Diverse Links

    I'm number 3 and I get the 35% discount
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    Free LinkPush Giveaway - Micro Niche Sites 2.0 - We do ALL THE SEO for you as well

    BTW what is pushing me to click the buy button is the articles. Correct me if I am wrong, you gonna target 10 long tail keywords related to my main keyword and write 10 original quality and optimized articles for every single keyword, this is correct?
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    Anyone willing to adopt a newbie?

    Start reading :)
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    [case study] 368K exact searches KW. Hoping to rank to #1.

    dont listen to this dude. he dont know a shit what he is talking about. use related cpa banners that should convert very well :) good luck and keep updating this thread mate. in terms of traffic / convo cheers
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    How do you feel about the legalization of marijuana?

    poor kid: hey need 2 grams of weed please. dealer: sorry buddy, no weed today. poor kid: ohshit, need to party............. now wat???? dealer: take this white shit for now Cannabis is not a drug wake up :yeah:
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    ***LOCAL SEO QUESTION*** Whats more important to rank a local website?

    for a keyword like forex, gold or pussy it can be :P thanks everybody for the tips!
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    peace love unity respect
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    OP if you realy want to try just do it. take a small dosage and you will get the best felling in your life. thats for sure... BTW if something goes wrong do like this "freak" on minute 6.15:) EPIC SHIT NAMASTE
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    [Free to Try] Facebook Non-PVA($0.25+) and PVA($1+) Account Creation 24*7 Online Service

    just want to give honestly review about livelyservice. your accounts are PERFECT!!!!
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    Ever been to the "Deep Weeb Invisable Internet" INFO ONLY

    Read this shit people stay away from deep "sick" web..........
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    ***LOCAL SEO QUESTION*** Whats more important to rank a local website?

    Hi mates. Need to know one thing... I want to rank a website in my small country but I dont have the budget for everything. Whats more important to pay for? For example, if my country is USA what should I do? Should I HOST that domain on USA SERVER IP or should I buy the domain .us? I think...
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    A few tips to get your micro niche sites to stick

    the last one is golden. thank you!
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    Bob Parsons, Go Daddy CEO, elephant killer

    UPDATE: The site is already ranking PAGE 4 on my google :) The keyword I search was his name. I think google can give us some help I will send them an email... Someone knows the google admin email? Should I use [email protected]?
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    Google Doesn't want me Anymore... Coincidence, BHW?

    I did that in the past. The first tasks were EASY to complete. After that they start to pay the same thing for a tasks that I need 3x more the time and paid the same sh*t.... LOL google sucks. dont work for them.
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    F#ck Google! Lessons Learned

    Mate please report that keyword. By the way, this is money talking.... forget that keyword you will never get back the ranking. SEO IS WAR!
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    About to give up...

    Ok my first post was a little rude so I want to edit it lol. I think your post is BS... mate if you need help just ask, you dont need to make a thread to desencuraging others newbies to give up...... thats why I think this thread is BS. anyway... CPAick reply on this thread...
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    I am giving up I.M and this is why

    Sorry. Must be honest sir. I think you are making MILLIONS every month and just now you understand the power of this forum :)
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