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  1. Trigshady

    Free Web Hosting giveaway - Full featured cPanel, Premium Softaculous

    Hi, I hope that some of you guys may find this share/giveaway useful, so here it is - we give away free web hosting plan. It includes Premium cPanel with all the features that you would find in any paid shared hosting (Optional PHP version, Premium Softaculous, Backup functions, etc). I would...
  2. Trigshady

    Free hosting give away -

    It's in the title of this thread, but I have PMed you :)
  3. Trigshady

    Free hosting give away -

    PM has been sent to you.
  4. Trigshady

    Free hosting give away -

    Last time I checked it fits in 99.9 %, hopefully this will stay at the same rate :)
  5. Trigshady

    Free hosting give away -

    To everyone who is interested in free hosting or searching where to host a website or try out scripts, there is decent free hosting provider I use it as a playground to test my scripts and start up projects, looks legit. Maybe it will be useful for someone.
  6. Trigshady

    Websites won't index

    Did you try to enforce google crawlers ? You can do this with webmaster tools..
  7. Trigshady

    [GET] 1,000+ Do-Follow Forums [PR Sorted] Up To PR 8!

    Thank you, I'm going to try this and see how is this going to result my web rank :)
  8. Trigshady

    Posting through facebook pages is it worth it ?

    Thanks, that's exactly what I meant, maybe someone has valuable experience or tips regarding this ?
  9. Trigshady

    [GET] 1,000+ Do-Follow Forums [PR Sorted] Up To PR 8!

    Great stuff, are there any bots that would create profile for these forums ? :) Thanks for sharing.
  10. Trigshady

    [METHOD] Make money from Facebook - New way!

    I just have one question, pages where your comment is posted and gathers most likes, let's say your comment is with link to your website, is there any real risk of being marked as spammer or get facebook account banned or some kind ?
  11. Trigshady

    How to get rid of unwanted bad backlinks

    I believe it would be easier to beat your competitors in fair way, than drag them down with black hat seo.. google algorithms are clever enough to filter such things.
  12. Trigshady

    Posting through facebook pages is it worth it ?

    Hi, has anyone of you tried to post your link through facebook pages which already have hundred thousands of likes and maybe would drive more likes to my personal page. For example: FB page where people post offers and gets checked daily by thousands of users. Do you know any pages like this...
  13. Trigshady

    Using Triond

    Triond sure gives you benefits and helps you get ranked, however it's a matter of time when they will disallow links, before it was great place to put reviews with backlinks o hubs like hubpages etc, and if you write unique review you don't even need bother with your article being indexed fast...
  14. Trigshady

    Index Your Websites In 0 Second !!!! Tested. Work perfectly!

    Looks legit :) thanks for sharing.
  15. Trigshady

    Does google plus vote help a website in google ranking?

    Pretty much any bought traffic, fb likes etc benefits your website as long as you're not cought. Which is why it's not the best investment to promote website.
  16. Trigshady

    I want My site load fast "Word Press CMS"

    "Traffic According to Godday Statics less then 500MB/Day" That's a lot of bandwidth consumed according to your traffic which you get for your website. In such bandwidth it's possible to get 10k unique traffic spaced in. Try to get rid of unnecessary widgets/plugins, reduce post/images showed on...
  17. Trigshady

    Improving Bounce Rate

    Basically you need to add something that would attract people to click within your website and not just leave without going any where other than your landing page, doesn't matter how much time they might spend on your actual website, they should actually browse through it.
  18. Trigshady

    Google Ranking, Bounce Rate, Google Analytics

    I doubt that only bounce rate made this significant influence for your website's rank, however, I believe this is one of the factors they use to qualify your website. At least that's what I have observed from many personal reviews and experience.
  19. Trigshady

    Does google plus vote help a website in google ranking?

    Yes it helps, I assume google wants to enforce using g+ in some way or make webmasters to attract more people to it.
  20. Trigshady

    How To Get Ranking In Google ?

    As some people already mentioned, focus on quality backlinks add to top notch websites with good page rank. Create reviews, be active in certain community forums etc.. It's hell of the work, but eventually it pays off.. Also it depends on how competitive your content/keywords are. Which is why...
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