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  1. Sebastian Rooks

    Can someone help point me towards bypassing NoBot on an aspx site?

    Good afternoon, Can someone with experience with bypassing NoBot give me a little nudge in the right direction? I've never seen it before, and I'm having a tough time understanding how exactly it works, and how I can work around...
  2. Sebastian Rooks

    Help with selenium click detection on aspx site. $50 via paypal

    Hi everyone, I find myself in a bit of a bind. The site I'm trying to scrape is: I don't need the data, or a scraper written, I just need to get past one hurdle, for which I'll paypal you $50. Python / selenium 3.141 /...
  3. Sebastian Rooks

    Bill & Melinda Gates Split up? Wonder Why?

    I don't follow celebrities, or involve myself in the personal life of others - but this one makes me a little sad, maybe a little vulnerable. I've always aimed to get married once, only once, and for life. With roughly a 50% divorce rate, I want to think that there's a time threshold to pass -...
  4. Sebastian Rooks

    Which Linux distro do you use and why?

    Linux Mint Cinnamon on my desktop because I came to the light from the darkness of Windblows, and it was the smoothest transition to make. Ubuntu Server in the cloud, because it just feels right. Intermittently mess around with kali to explore and satisfy my own curiosities.
  5. Sebastian Rooks

    Why are redditors such pricks?

    I get that this is a marketing forum, and a black hat one at that. As such, I'm not expecting this comment to be particularly well received. But maybe take a moment, and a deep breath - then ask yourself if the real asshole here is the one trying to keep you from spewing shit all over every...
  6. Sebastian Rooks

    Modafinl and Armodafinil?

    That actually sounds really interesting. I'm not sure I'd go through the trouble of hunting down tobacco and making it myself, but I'd definitely be willing to try it in the unlikely event that I should encounter one. As a side note, I don't smoke. Last year I tried a disposable vape pen to see...
  7. Sebastian Rooks

    Overestimating tasks

    No, never. It's always the other way around (for me). I can only assume the rest of you are lying.
  8. Sebastian Rooks

    What To Do When You Experience Burnout

    I'm coming to the realization that I've been so burnt out for so long that I don't realize how burnt out I am anymore. My productivity, decision making, and all other aspects of my life have been adversely affected. I'm going to take the first vacation I've taken in a decade later this month...
  9. Sebastian Rooks

    "Set and forget" Businesses ?

    I think that's a really good idea. I might seriously consider doing something like that. But my first concern is getting attached to my forest and not wanting to see it cut down when I'm an old man.
  10. Sebastian Rooks

    My client offered to set up a call.

    Another angle you can work, is wanting to have written specifications to reference later. I personally don't really like talking to people on the phone, in any language. I understand that a lot of people prefer to connect with someone that way, at least before doing business with a stranger...
  11. Sebastian Rooks

    It's 8:45am and I just finished my entire weeks tasks. Water-fasting is truly remarkable

    I did 11 days on Master Cleanse once. Not really sure I'd do that again. Muscle mass falls off me a lot faster than it goes on, and I don't remember it making me feel any better. Glad your results are positive. To each their own, and I'm always up for something weird.
  12. Sebastian Rooks

    SaaS | Ideas | Learning

    If you know you want to build saas applications, I'd suggest you start by building out your framework and deployment strategy. That way, when the idea(s) come your way, you'll be ready to implement them. For starters why not build out a placeholder api with endpoints that return the time, or a...
  13. Sebastian Rooks

    My offline phone fixing/refurbish journey

    That's good, honest, entrepreneurship. I respect your hustle.
  14. Sebastian Rooks

    I want to migrate to CANADA whats a good skill to learn?

    I came here to say something stupid about maple syrup. This though, this is the right answer.
  15. Sebastian Rooks

    Monetizing Gift Cards

    That's an interesting prospect. I don't really know what steam is, but I've heard of it. I guess I'm from the last generation before adults playing video games became a thing. If this steam business is some sort of digital asset exchange that takes a wide range of giftcards at viable exchange...
  16. Sebastian Rooks

    Monetizing Gift Cards

    It seems like most companies that issue gift cards, walmart, etc. are making it increasingly difficult to transfer. Maybe to fight money laundering, maybe to get people to leave that money on the table and never spend it. If you could still just buy a new gift card with the trade in giftcard...
  17. Sebastian Rooks

    Monetizing Gift Cards

    Last year, I had what I though would end up as a multi-million dollar idea in the preowned gift card space. I started developing the site, I've got code in place to make an offer to a potential seller based on what the big name resellers would give for it. But like you, I couldn't get past the...
  18. Sebastian Rooks

    web design conflicts

    Just watch out for overwriting class names, function names, element id's, etc. Change were necessary. It's not quite rocket science, and if you can cut + paste and make something work, now it's time to learn to adapt it to suit your needs. Dev tools are your friend here. Right click, inspect...
  19. Sebastian Rooks

    Should I Stay with Siteground or Move to a Vultr / Digital Ocean VPS?

    It really depends on the needs of your site. Storage, processing, bandwidth. I've got a low traffic site running on a $5 digitalocean droplet, along with a dozen other projects with no problems at all. I'm sure there are many comparable cloud hosting platforms, but this is the only one I've...
  20. Sebastian Rooks

    How to use your brain to make money

    Well said, but in defense of Mr F, while your comment was insightful, the original post he was referencing was 3 lines of bullshit that I'd otherwise be sorry I clicked on.
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