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    YouTube Help Center - Ask Anything About YouTube Marketing

    I uploaded on utube a preview of my very first track (many more are on the way) composed out of sounds of internal combustion engines. You can go on youtube and paste 'Grandpas at the night shift' in the search field. But I stuck with keywords and title. The title contains no keyword, which...
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    22 Letters = $17,000 profit in 3 weeks.

    j3rki go to fiverr dot com/ there are mountains of offers to translate from simple Eng to Deu just 5 bucks, I've done and I'm very sattisfied.
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    [REQ] Mobile Landing Page Creator

    If you create yourself several lan. pages a day, for testing, then my method isn't the fastest. Try Adobe Dreamweaver. Most of the the landing page creators (got here) I've tested are horrible junk.
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    All German speaking on BHW! Let`s get together and make more €$ :)

    Gruezzi Schweiz! I am looking for brave guys and gals (The Doers) from Switzerland, who are good at html, want invest small money and to get their hands on the local 1/2 BN CHF (yes half billion CHF market). Attention, serious inquiries only. PM me. Thanks
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    [REQ] Mobile Landing Page Creator

    copy html code of your land. page from aweber to seamonkey or kompozer which are free and then redesign as you wish. I use seamonkey, set the table with 360px, that's easy to open on any smartphone.
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    I can blast sms.. who has data?

    Does anybody get a list of Swiss businesses cell numbers?
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    Mobile Website Service - How To Start?

    You need a list of local small businesses and professionals. Then Sales letter, if you will use email or, a call script if you will make phone calls directly to businesses. For me the best way is go door to door, I've a lot of rejections in a beginning, now is much better. I guess your prices...
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    All German speaking on BHW! Let`s get together and make more €$ :)

    Bin aus der Schweiz, interessiere mich in mobiles marketing.
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    Recommend me Website Design Software

    Adobe Dreamweaver only.
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    Mobile Website With SMS Integration (Optimized For Restaurants and Realtors)

    HI, do you have any idea how much you'll charge for that?
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    Just received some bad news

    Hey lawton, I'm sorry this happened to you. But I guess I know the cure. Go to youtube url to watch this video: http-:// (remove dashes(. Watch several more videos created by this guy. If you will follow his simple way of healing yourself day by...
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    IM career over

    Well imperial109, don't worry much about quitting IM. You'll be back, probably not tomorrow but the day after tomorrow. I guess many for you guys BHW IS the College, because if you apply techniques and tricks you've learned in BHW, you can blow away mind of any college professor unless he...
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    Let's talk about .com and the rest

    nu4aaa, i suggest you take .com ONLY! It's the king's extension, works much better comparing other extensions in all cases (at least me), hopefully you too. Cheers.
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    Domain Name - Need advice on if this can rank?

    Just buy the new domain and don't make any puzzle for yourself. If your domain is specific--plural or singular won't make much difference. Just work harder on your content after your website will be online.
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    What is better a shorter domain with a dash or a longer one with no dash?

    The more specific your domain to your product/service-the better. I would avoid any dashes and hyphens in domain name. Long domain that contains very specific phrase is better than short with dashes. Good reference to finding proper and specific wording for your domain is to use Descriptionary...
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    Hybrid Method to Sell Offline Service... What do you think?

    Try offline method as well, eg direct mail. Buy postcards and write on each one of them text like this: =================================== Dear Friend (Small Business Owner), Did you know there is a consumer financing program here in City named Buckwheat Money. It?s already 3 years on the...
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    most RiDICULOUS IM sales Phrases !

    I will show you EXACTLY how I make millions. And when I say "exactly", I mean it. :D
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    Need a Youtube Video Downloader Tool

    Try real player. now free version has a downloader. I use it for over a year and it works ok for me. google real player.
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    Angela's and Paul's Backlinks Service - Cheaper Than Everyone On BHW

    Listen blackmind, I got no message from you, possibly yahoo spammed it. Re-email me please, to the other email: [email protected] . thank you.
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    Angela's and Paul's Backlinks Service - Cheaper Than Everyone On BHW

    hi, I'm interested in your offer. need high pr links to my automotive site. Email me your offer: [email protected] Thanks, Persistent
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