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  1. dangsquall

    Windows & Linux VPS Hosting for BHW Members *High Speed, Exclusive, Anonymous * SALE!

    Thanks for your answer. Also, do I have the option to choose where the VPS is located? Do you recommend one in China or Netherlands? (ie. who has less strict laws towards porn, warez...)
  2. dangsquall

    Windows & Linux VPS Hosting for BHW Members *High Speed, Exclusive, Anonymous * SALE!

    Hi, I'm wondering whether you allow warez linking or porn on the server or not?
  3. dangsquall

    Affiliace payment

    any update to those guys who don't receive payment? :( Affiliace is 1 of the 3 companies that approved me so far, and according to BHW members all 3 are scam ..... (Affiliace, Millnic Media, ClixGalore) :(
  4. dangsquall

    The Secret Admirer Method $$$

    is there a way to get all the email addresses that contacted you in Yahoo Mail? i'm struggling with it for some hours, and the number of email is just too much to handle manually :(
  5. dangsquall

    What Keyword Software Do YOU Use?

    i used to use WordTracker, but after I rank on the first page for several keywords that WT thinks get a lot of searches, I got almost no traffic from those keywords... so right now I'm mostly using MNF and Google Keyword exclusively I've used Wordze as well, but I just don't like its interface...
  6. dangsquall

    Joomla, Wordpress or anything else :confused:

    I've used Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal (the last one you might not work with :D), and for newbies I'd think Wordpress is the better option. It's easier to learn, and everything you need is just easier to find & install. With Joomla, however, you can be a lot more flexible according to your...
  7. dangsquall

    The Secret Admirer Method $$$

    hi, i'm wondering what conversion rate can we expect from this method? Also, aside from Fling, are there other affiliate programs that'll fit this?
  8. dangsquall

    Get Clickbank Products For Free

    Is this what you're looking for? hxxp://
  9. dangsquall

    Selling Articles Without Using AC

    sell them on DP? offer your service on Elance or even here? make your own PLR website? those are something that pop up after 2 seconds of thought :D
  10. dangsquall

    Whats The Best Way To Test A Niche

    This thread is very nice :) I have a question though: If you're doing PPC to test niche, at which point should you stop if the campaign doesn't convert? (just for the sake of assumption, let's say the product gives $30/sale)
  11. dangsquall

    Holy Crap - Autoblogging Works!

    i'm pretty sure you can make money fast because your website is already established for 2 years. Domain age really makes a difference :(
  12. dangsquall

    My 200th post.. a gift to you

    i used conduit like 1 year ago, at that time it was buggy as hell, hopefully now it's better for people who are wondering: the toolbar you make at conduit can be distributed (PAD file anyone?) at various download websites, thus increasing the backlinks to your site. Also, if real users install...
  13. dangsquall

    *Hardsoft's* HORNY Email/Zip Submit Method - $300-$500 a day

    thanks i hope there'll be no problem with that. however i set up my campaign this morning, and now (about 4hrs later), Google still hasn't shown them on the content network yet. Do you guys have to wait that long for adwords to start displaying the ads?
  14. dangsquall

    Mahalo Launches Answers Program that pays Cash per answer

    yeah i just read about this on DownloadSquad. having some money making idea already ... but I'm busy with all the other money making ideas in this forum :) so maybe soon in the future :D
  15. dangsquall

    $1.00 a month in adsense

    i'm pretty sure there are quite a few bh seo tutorials in BHW already, so the search button is your best friend :)
  16. dangsquall

    *Hardsoft's* HORNY Email/Zip Submit Method - $300-$500 a day

    hi, I understand the concept of this method well, but I'm wondering if Google allows adult content on landing page or not? Does anyone have any advice on this?
  17. dangsquall

    Grab 30-40 dollars for each 1 dollar signup!

    wow Harro is so damn cool :)) ** drives the noob back to DP **
  18. dangsquall

    Millnic Media ?

    i just tried to do the same thing myself (sign up the test lead), and nothing showed up, so I'm contacting the AM, hopefully he has some good explanation. also, a lot of their campaigns are simply dead (if you click on the affiliate link it will show you "Sorry the link is not available" or smth...
  19. dangsquall

    Day1 - CPA + Squidoo

    I'm using Mill*nic Me*dia, I know they're not that good, but they're the only one to accept me so far... Or maybe it's just my lens isn't optimized for marketing purpose :( Just out of curiosity, Does lewi optimization service give us advice about banner/ad location too?
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