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  1. blackhatready

    How I made $400 in 2 days

    I don't get why this has to be bs... He's simply collecting emails and selling a tutorial to his list. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I don't find it that complicated or immoral. There are much worse blackhat things being done online.
  2. blackhatready

    [BACKLINK CARNIVAL] Possibly Most Loved Backlink Service on Forum since 2013 █ Read our Huge Reviews ★★★★★ (Starting $4)

    singhavn delivered on time and as promised. The video services and combo package turned out better than expected.
  3. blackhatready

    [METHOD] $500+/Day with Adsense (Stable Income)

    Careful with koremedia - something just doesn't seem right about that site. They also hold no weight online - only 1 referring domain and 2 backlinks...
  4. blackhatready

    Is Adult Webmaster Forum a Joke?

    I thought it to be a little odd as well. :hmmmm2: Aren't there simple ways to stop the spam?
  5. blackhatready

    Wegcash going out of business

    I didn't get paid either - close to $400. I also still have one more check waiting. Maybe they feel that if they announce to everyone that they are going out of business, they don't have to pay out. I want my money. Anyone else not get paid?
  6. blackhatready

    Forum Generator - Automated Forum User And Content Generator - $129.97!

    I was wondering if the site could generate it's own traffic through SE's (set-and-forget-it) or is it recommended to build a couple of backlinks? Or would it depend mainly on the keywords targeted? Also, what would be the most efficient way to link to your main site? Thanks
  7. blackhatready

    Whitehat Method of Making $150 a Day

    This method isn't fully blackhat, so if you happen to do a bit of explaining and he still doesn't go for it then I would suggest becoming an affiliate for another dating site, or better yet, a CPA site with dating offers as stated in earlier posts. And as for the signs, a lot of those places...
  8. blackhatready

    [DP] $22,186.91 From 5 Hours Work – Dirty Secrets - Proof Inside

    That title sounds more like a "set it and forget it" thing, but then again, thats also highly doubtable. It wouldn't be sold in that case...
  9. blackhatready

    [DP] $22,186.91 From 5 Hours Work – Dirty Secrets - Proof Inside

    What do you mean can he share it?! I see, you must be a little off...
  10. blackhatready

    I made 500 USD a day with THIS simple iframe

    I really hope you're using keywords that are in the same niche as your iframed offer. If not, you may be looking at a ban. But hey, it's something to learn from...
  11. blackhatready

    New Youtube Method

    This is actually a very good idea if you combine it with the right affiliate program. Finding a program actually pays on time (if not, at all) is the real problem.
  12. blackhatready

    $2000/mo Membership Site Using Offline Marketing

    I usually don't tell them I'm leaving my business card(s). I just put it at an angle to where only the customer can see it. Saves time also.
  13. blackhatready

    Double MetaRefresh Generator v1

    The UploadJockey link crashed my computer! Please remove it.
  14. blackhatready

    Need to give more info to newbs upon signup...

    This may be a fairly good idea for new members. "You currently have 32hrs left in Reading Stage. This would be a good time to take a look around and get familiar with our site. You never know, many of your questions may have already posted on our forum. And by the way, Welcome to...
  15. blackhatready

    $4000 a month, or the wife..?

    Trust me nirvana, that's very hard to do when you're starting off broke. Its also very rare that you'll find a woman who will work with you or that has any kind of IM experience. Many people you come across don't even believe it's possible to make money online. She may be no different...
  16. blackhatready

    What pisses you off ?

    If I understood you correctly Don, I believe your issue may need serious counseling.
  17. blackhatready

    What pisses you off ?

    You honestly should re-read your post then. lol --------- I hate that my computer can't read my thoughts! It would be nice to have full automation wouldn't it? Everything you think, it types. Sites build themselves with any design you can imagine. Youtube videos download, convert...
  18. blackhatready

    VirRal - The "Revenge Site" Script

    What are you referring to? You lost me...:confused:
  19. blackhatready

    VirRal - The "Revenge Site" Script

    Yeah, you may have got excited and rushed through the setup process. This can easily be corrected by opening your ftp client, searching for path "/upload/system/application/views/viral" and editing your "view.php" files to show the pictures you would like.
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