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  1. SjacPhoto

    Expired Web 2.0 Ratio

    Hey guys, When building links to Your money site which percentage of expired web 2.0 blogs like Tumblr do look natural and at what point do You fear that Google may penalize You? Let's say You have 100 non-web 2.0 links pointing to Your money site. How many Tumblr links would be ok...
  2. SjacPhoto

    Homepage Links - Serp Effect Duration

    There have been studies before that described the effect of new backlinks to pages before and how long it takes to influence the positions for example in a MOZ study. In this study, they described that it takes a few weeks for new links to affect the rankings of the pages. If I built links to...
  3. SjacPhoto

    [SERP Engine] ⚡Smash Your Rivals With Killer Combo | Guest And Blogpost⛳High DA [1000+ Orders]⚡

    Hello, can You send me the list of websites You get the guest posts for, I am in the Photography/Travel Niche and want to avoid RDs that I already have written for myself.
  4. SjacPhoto

    Homepage - Inner Page Link Ratio - Google

    Hi Guys, I know there are a lot of discussions when it comes to link building and whether You should target the homepage or pages directly. For some 80/20 homepage/inner pages works, for others, it is the other way around. I don't want to discuss which is better now. Since I am actively...
  5. SjacPhoto

    Searching For Guest Article Websites

    I am still waiting for the PM of the free list for guest posts, as mentioned in the other thread, so I don't know how reliable the paid service would be.
  6. SjacPhoto

    Searching For Guest Article Websites

    Hi Guys, I am searching for websites/blogs in the photography, travel or blogging niche to provide some guest posts of mine. In the past, I have written for PetaPixel, DigitalPhotographySchool, and TheCultureTrip with great success. Since I have already contacted most of the "established"...
  7. SjacPhoto

    Adsense CPC trickle down effect

    Ok, so targeting keywords like "topic A - education/school/business etc." that often see a higher CPC might be worth even though the overall search volume is lower than other keywords. Traffic Quality means: Origin Country, Age and Spending Power of my visitors?
  8. SjacPhoto

    Adsense CPC trickle down effect

    Hello Forum, So far I haven't cared about the CPC when writing my content. Now that my site is getting some traffic and see that my CPC is mostly between $0.01-0.20 To improve my earnings I want to target higher CPC keywords in future articles, but my KW search shows me that the traffic will...
  9. SjacPhoto

    Link-Building inner pages

    That's what I try to do also, but it feels that it is very inefficient to write a complete guest post just for one link to an inner page when ideally I need a few backlinks to improve in ranking. An alternative to the skyscraper strategy or advice for it where I could outreach in bulks and...
  10. SjacPhoto

    Link-Building inner pages

    Thanks for the list, but I don't think it really tackles my problem. As of now, my pages purely rank off of my DA and internal linking, but I think especially for keywords and posts that I want to take from the bottom of Page 1 to the TOP 3 it would be a lot easier to get some external links to...
  11. SjacPhoto

    Link-Building inner pages

    Hello forum, So far I have been building links mainly to my homepage through guest posts and it is working fine for all I know. What I am struggling with is getting links to the actual blog posts and articles. The skyscraper technique doesn't really work for me and out of more than 300 mails...
  12. SjacPhoto

    back2form - Master List of Guest blogs for Free! - This thread is now closed.

    I am interested in the list too. Would help me out a ton.
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