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  1. Bigunit

    Bank Statement Request After Appealing The Suspension

    When any card, including VCCs, get linked to google ads, like RedPillSeo said, you always get two transactions in the card statement with no money spent. The transactions are made at the same time and conducted my google to make sure the card is valid. Two of these: Attempted transactions...
  2. Bigunit

    Find out Google Ads ID without having access to the google account

    I didn't. Still looking for any way, if it exists.
  3. Bigunit

    Google ads Advanced Verification process question

    For business operations verification there are multiple possible attempts for you to retry, so if your submission gets rejected, they will mention the reason for you to fix and you can try again.
  4. Bigunit

    Can google ban me for selling Google Ads Accounts if buyer runs abusive ads on them?

    The only thing google can do to you is flag (lowering trust) or even banning the accounts in case they were well connected; for example, registered on the same IP address, advertised the same thing, had the same payment method, etc. And only if the buyer runs abusive ads on any of the accounts...
  5. Bigunit

    Find out Google Ads ID without having access to the google account

    In my case, there are no messages with a visible ID. I'm still looking for such information.
  6. Bigunit

    Find out Google Ads ID without having access to the google account

    Hello. I am looking for any possible way to find out the ID of my google ads profile without having access to the google account itself. For example, let's say my email is [email protected] and I have a google account registered on the email. The google account has a google ads profile on it...
  7. Bigunit

    Suspicious payments - confirm payment?

    Yes, it's because of the BIN mainly. Me and my partner were working with aged accounts with good proxy/browser and didn't have any issue in past, and then about two months ago changed the VCC to a different one. Since the change, half of the accounts got suspended for suspicious payments and...
  8. Bigunit

    Question with buying Google Ads Accounts

    As far as I know, google, as well as any other merchant, cannot check which name is set on the card; it can check its address for some countries, but not the name. So I would use the same name as for the previous card, and set the same name on the VCC in its settings you're adding to your...
  9. Bigunit

    Open new Google account without phone number

    Google ads will force you to add a two step verification either way within a month of using it, so even if you manage to create a google account, which is indeed possible, you will have to add it regardless, unless google ads will become inaccessible as there will be a window asking to add a 2fa...
  10. Bigunit

    Google Ads Unsuspended in just 1 Hour - Lets go! Cheers! - Ask me Anything!

    Is suspicious payments actually a big problem? When my account(s) get suspended for it, I explain who I am, taking the name from billing page; I use the url of my white page, I say what my business is named, what I advertise and where (the country, like "toys in USA"), who my clients are, etc...
  11. Bigunit

    Any One Still Creating Google Ads Threshold?

    The maximum initial threshold is currently about 10 euros or dollars. You can't get it initially higher; it can increase when google starts charging it, but that's it.
  12. Bigunit

    Google Ads Browser

    From decent popular browsers which offer a few free profiles, I know doplhin-anty, which offers 10 and adspower, which offers 2. There is also incogniton and, despite I didn't hear a lot of bad reviews regarding it, I didn't like it. However, the cheaper the product, the worse it can be. So if...
  13. Bigunit

    AI generated answers shouldn't appear on this forum

    I usually report such posts as they are mostly completely useless, don't respond what the OP is asking and sometimes, as you say, are false. The reports are always resolved positively, at least in my case, and the user is either getting his message(s) deleted, or even banned.
  14. Bigunit

    is Binance okay?

    Didn't work for me either yesterday. Tested on both my PC and mobile app, with my router internet as well as mobile internet. Binance was either not working at all, or asking to reconnect as it couldn't find internet connection. I was worried something happened with my account, but it's...
  15. Bigunit

    Advertiser Verification - Residency Country

    They will probably reply back with something like this, as they did to me
  16. Bigunit

    Advertiser Verification - Residency Country

    It might ban you because in advertiser verification the country is set by default to your account's one and you can't change it, so if you enter your US address it will basically be a fake address in the eyes of google. You can't change the country in billing settings, but google support can...
  17. Bigunit

    Noob questions about Google ads threshold account buying

    Could you provide a screenshot of receiving a threshold of 300 or 350 within the last ~2-3 weeks?
  18. Bigunit

    Noob questions about Google ads threshold account buying

    "Can I run the same offer to another with the same URL if I get suspended?" If the suspension was circumventing system and/or unaccaptable business practices, then no. "Should I use RDP VPN or VPS?" Never a VPN. RDP might be fine, but the most recommended option is a residential proxy with an...
  19. Bigunit

    ✅ ASOCKS.COM ✅ Clear Residential Proxies for Webmasters - 30M Rotating IPs ❤️ SPECIAL OFFER FOR BHW - GET FREE TRIAL ❤️

    I've been using asocks proxies for a while for imap/pop3 There are many countries to choose from, the pool of proxies is big and I am also satisfied with the speed.
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