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    Anyone else facing this?

    I thought I was the only one experiencing this... Thanks for the reasoning
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    [Guide] How to use Expired Domains effectively

    This material is priceless! thanks man
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    The No-Nonsense Guide To Building Your PBN in 2017

    Thanks for sharing! this was very in depth
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    Any tips about stop smoking?

    Although electronic cigarettes are not healthy in their own right, but it will help alot with controlling the nicotine intake, whilst having the placebo of 'smoke' inhalation
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    My First Porn Site!

    This can be very lucrative if you get this right... Good luck on your site
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    Is XRP worth it?

    XRP is definitely a HODL. The SEC will most likely settle the case within 12-18months.
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    What is you opinion on the mass migration to telegram and signal

    People are missing the bigger picture, the intelligence services have access to all the communications networks that means if you are being followed by them all your communications are likely tapped up.
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    Lupin. Great show. Watch it

    Actually watching this as we speak! very good story line
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    Paypal fee 3% and 30c vs Bitcoin fee 30% WTF

    I agree with this, Small transactions will mean you potentially lose 30-40% of your initial investment from the start.
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    [Method] Earn $1000 Daily or More [Guarantee]

    Nice bit of information, will defo try and share with people it will be useful for.
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    About 2Checkout!

    It depends on the industry of your proposed business. There are alot of payment processors out there which suit some businesses better than others.
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    What a waste of a good screen hahah
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    [WTB] Quality aged YouTube accounts

    I dont have any YouTube accounts for sale... But If you do get hold of any, let me know I am looking to buy one!
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    Yo, recommend me something to watch on Netflix

    The Witcher is really good if you haven't already seen it! only one season so far though!
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    $1,000 a month to Invest, on what?

    $1000 a month on stable stocks, which give a good dividend return is a good bet. Mcdonlads for example.
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    [Weekend Thread] My theory on face masks

    I Agree, Herd immunity should have been the go to method for a much effective method, as it was in 1918!
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    Wich platform to invest in 1k?

    I would recommend Binance
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    Whales are buying more and more bitcoins

    HODL it will continue to reach new highs throughout the year
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