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    My site hacked with unknown popups. Please help.

    It's not your site. You downloaded some adware
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    You have profitable adwords campaigns and banned?

    if you don't like the deal, then don't comment. These are my terms, I'm greedy and like money.
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    You have profitable adwords campaigns and banned?

    Hey, if you have profitable adwords campaigns, I've got a solid cloaker and we can work together for both of our benefits. I take 50% profit of every campaign. Looking to JV with people profiting $100+ per day or have a campaign that google doesn't like but they profited on.
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    How I built my offline SEO/Social Media empire earning $15,000 a month in three months!!!

    Always another guy you can sell to, don't worry about messing it up. As long as you know what you're talking about(or make them believe you do) , then you'll be fine. Referrals help the sales process immensely though.
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    First potential client has gotten in touch with me

    ALWAYS charge a premium. Never, ever cheap out. A fan page, $1k/month with design/maintenance included
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    TV Show Blog with Huge Traffic but was not monetized

    Yo if you want to make some serious money and get paid weekly guaranteed, let me know.
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    American Express Joins the Fight Against Gaypal

    Yes. As a Serve accountholder you can only request or receive up to $1,000 per day (up to $2,500 per calendar month) and a sender is limited to sending up to $1,000 a day (up to $2,500 per calendar month). Gay!
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    I want to go on study abroad program, I need $ 7000

    Yes it's possible. It's up to you if it happens. Harder you work, the more you succeed.
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    How I Made $5k one month barely any work with proxy scripts

    What is WBB if you don't mind me asking?
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    My Final Venture...The App Store or Bust

    If you're going to quit this year if you don't succeed, then quit right now. You don't deserve any success if you're going to give up "if" something works. To be in this business, or any business for that matter you need to NEVER give up, no matter what.
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    Bully gets his butt kicked... what's your opinion?

    This no hitting back is bullshit. A friend mine a few years back literally sent him to the hospital. He didn't fight back because the principle said you'll get kicked out if you hit at all. Then 2 years ago, some kid thought it would be cool to be a funny guy with me. Punches me square in the...
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    My CPA Success with PPC and Peerfly finally!

    ah I see, I didn't know I was a high volume publisher though haha. I thought it was at least 5k/day for that I just wanted to help ya out with it though, never intended to be rude.
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    My CPA Success with PPC and Peerfly finally!

    Really? It's actually quite simple to reverse engineer any offer. Should just blur those out IMO
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    Finally making $1k/day consistently :D

    Cool story bro. Seriously, if you're not hitting 1k/day after you're in this business for 6 months then you're lazy and procrastinate.
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    Facebook Custom Apps Service - Get our custom Facebook App Coded

    Fantastic, I am very interested with this. I'll be contacting you in a week or so, I just need to get a business plan drawn out for this. By the way, your customer service is fantastic!
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    Facebook Custom Apps Service - Get our custom Facebook App Coded

    Sorry about the continuing questioning, I'm interested in hiring a few developers actually for a idea of mine. How good are these developers? Did they read from a book and build test apps or are they developers that have really built applications and know what it takes? Thanks!
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    JV: Make Money & Get Dates as a Talent Agent

    I live in Vegas, can get plenty of models. However paying the $2,500 is not something I am willing to EVER do. If you are interested in still working with me, let me know.
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    How to monetize 50k pic views in 30min?

    Interested in a JV? I've got a few ideas about to make some serious bank with it. Either long term or short term projects, if you're interested PM me.
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    Facebook Custom Apps Service - Get our custom Facebook App Coded

    There is no limit to what you can do if we hire you for $1,200 a month?
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