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  1. veki971

    NFTs on Bitcoin already making ridiculous numbers, even w/o marketplace yet

    People are already making a ton of AI generated art but it's not an easy money to make money out of it.
  2. veki971

    NFTs on Bitcoin already making ridiculous numbers, even w/o marketplace yet

    Exactly. Conservative bitcoin maxis are considering NFTs as junk data that is choking the network but on the other hand, whoever pays the fees - he can use it in whatever way he wants. More NFTs - more fees - more demand- higher price...
  3. veki971

    NFTs on Bitcoin already making ridiculous numbers, even w/o marketplace yet

    Yes, people are flipping, it just started, the market will grow as more tools become available- marketplaces, wallets....
  4. veki971

    NFTs on Bitcoin already making ridiculous numbers, even w/o marketplace yet

    Following the Taproot upgrade, it was made possible to mint NFTs (or something similar) on Bitcoin. NFTs on Bitcoin are called Ordinals. It is still so early that there is no marketplace yet, nor a proper wallet, and minting is not easy, but it is doable. People are minting all kinds of stuff...
  5. veki971

    How do you buy Crypto Anonymously?

    For privacy try Tornado Cash . It is a free tool to anonymize your Ether.
  6. veki971

    Fully decentralized website

    Well, crypto is expanding in many ways, dark, blue, yellow, red... :)
  7. veki971

    Is Jarvee dead for IG?

    From another forum; someone posted yesterday; I emailed Jarvee asking if they can recommend settings to stop getting blocks and got sent a huge guide. Thought would post as may help some of you! You should specify with your clients when exactly they will be logged in and enable nightmode for...
  8. veki971

    Fully decentralized website

    Hi guys, I just manage to make a fully decentralized website on trackmydog.eth blockchain domain, you can access it here: How that works? Since a few years ago there are blockchain domains, the first ones were .eth...
  9. veki971

    Major Jarvee Issues!! (Actions working fine manually)

    Hello, check this video addressing your issues:
  10. veki971

    Instagram shuts down dozens of popular meme pages

    Over on another forum someone wrote this: "I have a friend who works at Snapchat who use to work at Instagram/Facebook and he confirmed from his friends that currently work there that they are cracking down hard on bots and they are finding these primarily by the behaviors and detecting if they...
  11. veki971

    BOOST WORDPRESS SPEED [2X Speed Guaranteed]

    Hello, I just sent PM for Discount code. Thanks.
  12. veki971

    How can i find a precious instagram niche?

    check out this thread, you may find it useful
  13. veki971


    Hello, can you please send me the details.
  14. veki971

    YOUTUBE PAGE 1 in 1 MINUTE! - 7 REAL PROOFS! You MUST this tool!

    Hello guys, just to let you know, yesterday I received the software from Shimi, today I uploaded my first video, and it works!! in a meter of seconds it was on a 11 th position on the first page of YT, when checked from a different browser logged out of YT. Just make sure you are doing...
  15. veki971

    High quality images without watermarks

    I'm glad it helped!
  16. veki971

    High quality images without watermarks
  17. veki971

    Help me invest my 4k$ on cryptocurrency

    The best thing you can do is insvest in several coins that are mentioned above or you can go the easy way and invest in one of the "baskets" of cryptocurrencies to spread your risk and still make sure you will take advantage of this amaizing crypto world. Check some of the "baskets" that are...
  18. veki971

    which is best for Mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZCash, ETH Coin ???

    Try this
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