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    [Fun] Your First Phone And Your Current

    First phone : Philips Savvy Now : Nokia 8
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    Current Expired Domain Situation - Lies, Costs, Metrics, Spam and Niche Relevancy

    I couldn't agree more, and with your explanations your previous statement absolutely makes sense.
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    Current Expired Domain Situation - Lies, Costs, Metrics, Spam and Niche Relevancy

    what do you mean by active link profile ? I mean if the domain dropped a long ago how would you expect the link building to be active? Did you mean a clean/solid link profile ?
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    So I got this Expired Domain and got punished 15/18 Spam Google

    The first difference that I noticed is that the other domain have never dropped, maybe this is important maybe not.
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    I just came across a website that has fake search console data. How they do it?

    It's botted traffic, the bots searche for the keyword and click on the result.
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    If you had $1Million in cash and wanted to turn it into $10Million?

    Start investing in cannabis in the european region.
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    Interested in your service may I have a sample report please.
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    Ranking a parasite with Fiverr Gigs- Case Study

    Hi , thanks a lot for this detailed case study ! Would like as well the list of the gigs if you don't mind. Thanks in advance and Nice work.
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    SRISTYS Thunderbolt Network►► High DA TF Blogs + Web 2.0 + Social Shares ►► 30+ Platforms≈$1.5/Link

    Hi Sristy Would like some samples and a coupon code please
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    Buffers site vs 301

    There is undoubtly more power that flows to your website when you're using a 301, for the simple reason that all the linkjuice flows directly to your website while if you were using a web2.0 as a buffer there is some linksjuice that is lost throught internal links. However, the web2.0 act as a...
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    Google Sandbox does not exist!

    You're totally missing the point, The "google sandbox" is reported to keep the website from reaching page 1. Most of members here reported been stuck at page 2 whatever links they've built. They "had to" wait for like 3 months before reaching page 1. Now Op is clearly reporting that he reached...
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    Negative SEO on my website - Disavow or let it go ?

    Damn you've got to hate these f*cking retards. You really should disavow all these links. The ones that show up in majestic and the ones that will show up later in your GWT account. Try to use as many backlink explorers you have access to .
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    Welcome To Our Latest Exec VIP!

    Congratulations @Asif WILSON Khan , it's a well deserved promotion !
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    Do I need different computers for PBN setup?

    I totally agree with you, I thought your question was about how would they do to get your IP not if they would bother spending and the calculation power for that.
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    Do I need different computers for PBN setup?

    Well, google could know that your IP visited the PBN because your theme might be loading some static css / jquery library / fonts from their CDN. And if the css of jquery are related to the admin page, then they could know that you are an 'admin' or 'contributor' on that particular website...
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    new Russian technology

    If it was developped by russian guys, there is a chance it was aimed toward yandex. I don't beleive yandex and google respond the same way to the same seo technique. However what you are saying isn't shocking or dumb, since it would be two backlinks from topically related websites, one with...
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    RIP Muhammad Ali - Just Passed Away Today 6/3/2016

    Rest in peace champ
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    "Web forgery"?

    HI tony, If you are using a 301 to your landing 'website' , make sure that the 301'ed isn't flagged, because starting with a fresh domain won't fix the issue if it's the 301 that is flagged. Good luck
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